Gift Guide 2018

Hello pals

It’s been too long and I don’t think I like it… I must admit, there’s a chance I’ll come back to the blog every week because I miss you! haha nothing like sticking to your convictions! :p

So anyway, onto this week - I’ve seen the Coca-cola advert on telly which means it’s officially the lead up to Christmas and I’m allowed to go ALL IN. I’ve started the Christmas Spam over on Social media and I know it’s a little early for some people but small businesses do need to try and spread it out as much as possible since it’s such a busy time to try and cram in all those lovely orders, it’s like the days just evaporate at this time of year don’t they!? - so the earlier we can get organised, the better.

This week I wanted to share a few gift ideas with you from some of my favourites (and a few from LAD too haha! I’ve got rent and a mortgage to pay guys, you know I need to plug :p ). If you’re here I’m certain you’ll already know the value of Shopping Small at Christmas and if you were planning to buy everything from amazon (no judgement, I know that’s mega-convenient) hopefully I can convince you to pop over to one (or all) of these talented people to spend your money with them instead. They’re all lovely people who are incredibly creative and it’s so much fun to support them and if you’re anything like me, you’ll LOVE the joy you can bring to both the maker and your gift recipient by buying something different from a small business….

Let’s invest in individuals

I certainly feel a shift this year, I think we’re all becoming more aware of our impact on the planet and what our wasteful behaviour is doing to it, so I think this year more than ever, it’s so important to invest in special, thoughtful gifts, supporting smaller makers rather than the big corporates who are dumping their waste anywhere they fancy. (Yes I watched Stacey Dooleys ‘Fashion’s dirty Secrets’ and I’m living by it! P.S I highly recommend it if you’ve not seen it yet)… Supporting individuals making amazing things, rather than just buying tonnes of STUFF. It’s also so much more FUN to buy things that are unique and different! If I get one more generic ‘bubble bath kit’ I swear, I’ll throw it out the window…

I’ve selected just one product from each business, but please do have a mooch on their websites to see what other treasures you can find…

The Gift Guide: 2018

For the Crafter

I thought I’d get myself out the way first then we can get into it! So for your crafty pals (the ones you really like) grab them a Cardigan Kit, it’s my best seller with good reason. You can choose your colours out of the 18 available, it’s the ideal cardigan to wear all year round - summer evenings to winter days. It’s a great kit for anyone from beginners to advanced knitters and is a decent project to keep them busy without lasting months and months. As always, choosing the colour is the hardest part! If you need help with that, Mink is basically always a winner (and Mustard is to die for!)

Knit Kit - Dreamy Oversized Cardigan
from 70.00
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For the Dreamers

One of my all time faves, gorgeous Katy Pillinger makes the most beautiful Illustrations. They’re quirky and gorgeous and special. I’ve chosen these lovely ladies to show you but basically anything on her website is perfect for someone who loves a dreamy illustration.


For the Cosy Ones

Lovely Patch Kid Co kindly let me choose my favourite custom jumper recently, I’m under no obligation to share or wear but I can’t take it off so I knew I wanted to include it in my gift guide, it’s so soft and cosy and you can choose your jumper and embroidery colour. ‘You Go Girl’ is my personal fave but you can also get ‘Sleigh All Day’ which has to be a stocking filler winner! A fab gift some anyone who loves to wrap up warm and stay snug-yet-stylish *insert sassy lady emoji here*.


For the Girl Bosses

Gorgeous Ruth from Cawligraphy has the most beautiful range of all things calligraphy and sparkle which happens to include these fabulous prints. I’m a huge fan of pink and red at the moment so I’m 100% diggin’ it. Perfect for any small business owners or work-lovers (as in people who love their jobs, not the couple who’re having an affair) to give them a boost. She also has the most DIVINE hand painted baubles I’ve ever seen - HELLO LEOPARD PRINT!


For the Art Lovers

If you’re buying for an art lover - scratch that, if you’re buying for anyone with eyes and an appreciation for talent - then my go to HAS to be Marna Lunt. I can’t tell you how much I adore Marna and her genius work. Her embroidery is insanely amazing - every thread looks like a brush stroke. She uses colour like no one else and generally creates the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. Each piece is a one off (unless you go for a print) so you may not get a Frida like mine (below) but you’re sure to find something amazing on her site & social media


For the Christmas Lovers

Make their day with an Original Chunky Knit Santa Hat (she’s gone sales girl!) Since I designed them in 2016 the Santa Hats are probably my most popular product EVER. Each year Country Living Magazine kindly share an article they wrote about it titled “This Chunky Knit Santa Hat Will be the Coziest Thing You Wear All Year” and go on to say it’s the “perfect family Christmas Card Accessory." Why thank you CLMag! Christmas Lovers everywhere look amazing in a chunky knit santa hat so I reckon it’s always a winner.

Santa Hat
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For the Plant Lovers

Whether they’re green fingered or plant killers desperately trying with the watering can this hoop by House O’Fellows is The One. Quirky, fun and totally on trend (but not in that annoying way that’ll be out of style tomorrow) ….You must also check out her Flamingo (not a euphemism - sorry Suze!)

Image by House O Fellows

Image by House O Fellows

For the Dog Lovers/Actual Dogs

Depending on who you buy for, I would 100% buy this for Harry but equally would love to receive it as my gift to put on him haha. I live for Harry’s Bow Tie, it’s by lovely Tracy from The Distinguished Dog Company, based here in Devon! Is there anything better than dressing your dog up? A Bow tie is perfect because it’s not OTT (he outright refused the pink tutu, such a diva) it fits on his collar so he hardly noticed it and it doesn’t annoy him and yet - he looks so distinguished and if I may say so myself, TOTALLY ADORABLE!

My ‘Walkies’ Tee also by The Distinguished Dog Co

My ‘Walkies’ Tee also by The Distinguished Dog Co

For Those Who Enjoy a Tipple

This little keyring Gin Flask by Williams Hand Made is the perfect stocking filler. They come in a lovely range of colours and can be personalised with up to 3 letters so if you don’t go for GIN you could always get the recipients initials embossed on.

Do also have a look at their range of bags and workshops for bigger gifts. I have the Small Bircher Bag and absolutely adore it.

Williams Handmade

For the Beauty Queens

WOW YOU do an amazing range of natural skincare, I absolutely love their charcoal mask and the lip scrub, they have so many amazing products that would all make lovely stocking fillers - I’d never think to buy a lip scrub for myself and yet it’s my FAVOURITE - I honestly use it every week and always feel so pleased with myself for being so imaginative. (A lip scrub, who knew?!)


For the Eco-Friendly

Clare Elizabeth Kilgour is one of those gorgeous people who feels like magic. She is amazingly kind and oh so much fun and on top of that, she makes such effortlessly stylish jewellery from recycled metals. I have so many of her pieces and wear them day in, day out (in fact I’m wearing 2 today! A ‘Simplistic Ring’ and a ‘Bespoke Memory Necklace’). Any of her jewellery would be an amazing gift for anyone who likes sustainable fashion and/or just beautiful simplistic jewellery. I thought I’d show you my latest purchase from her because they are MEGA… I got some statement earrings from her which are made from an old plant pot she found in her garden hahaha. They’re limited edition (one assumes until the plant pot runs out!) so if you want some grab them now. This is her genius, to take something like an old plant pot and make it magic…

Clare Elizabeth Kilgour

For the Glowing Goddesses

OK my final one is a bit of a cheat as it’s not such a small business but Elizabeth Arden is a company I totally adore. I’ve worked with them for a number of years now on different Christmas projects and everyone I’ve come across in their team is so supportive, encouraging and amazing. I love the brand and thanks to a few very kind and generous goodies bags (THANK YOU LADIES!!!) I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to some of their amazing products. I can’t tell you how much I adore their White Tea Fragrance and I doubt I’ll ever find a mascara I prefer to their ‘Grand Entrance’, but the product I’ve found the most special is their new Retinol capsules. Not only do they look amazing and seem to work but putting them on my face every night is honestly a treat. They’re on my Christmas list as a ‘special gift’ so I thought I’d mention them to you too in case you know someone who wants their face to feel all sorts of joy.

Elizabeth Arden

A Stocking for those fillers

If you need a stocking for all those amazing stocking fillers I’d love to draw your attention to our new Granite Christmas Stocking! It’s super bloody cool and perfect for all your little gifts! The Small is ideal for hanging on the mantel or stairs and the Large is basically big enough to get in and is best used like a (very fabulous) Santa Sack.…(sales pitch adjourned)

Granite Grey Jumbo Christmas Stocking
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Granite Grey Jumbo Christmas Stocking
from 70.00
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Part 2?

There are so many more INCREDIBLE businesses I could include and I really am tempted to do a ‘Gift Guide Part 2’ (I didn’t even start on Mugs and Food!) but for now I hope that helps! Please go show these wonderful makers some love and if you can buy a special present from them rather than a last minute Bubble Bath Set then why not go for it?!

Speak soon team!

Take Care,

L x