Girl Seeking Balance

Hello all,

I hope the rain isn't pouring where you are (it seems too much to hope for sunshine here in the UK so let's keep the goals attainable from the offset!)

 Anyway, to todays post - I know the norm is to write about something you're au fait with but today I'm doing the opposite and focusing on one of my major shortcomings to ask for help... 



Let me set the scene - I was perusing Instagram this morning and saw a post by gorgeous Katie Dobson (the owner of The Cutlery Commission - have you seen their beautiful personalised cutlery?!) Last night Katie posted about Balance, she very sensibly pointed out that although we share the best/most fun versions of ourselves and our lives on social media it's not the full story and in actual fact what we all need is a bit of balance. 

The more I've thought about Katie's words, the more I realise that it's one of the things I struggle with the most.  I have a really addictive personality and so seem to do everything with an all or nothing mentality, case in point - my fad diet of choice is the 5:2 diet, i'd rather starve myself for 2 days and eat cakes the rest of the time than just eating well all the time (and I do know that it really won't work!) 

I find it really hard to keep a consistent level of balance in life when my work is so seasonal and I'd love to know how other people, in similar boats deal with this? I find that in the summer, when it's quiet I have all the expendable time I want - On Monday afternoon I baked cookies then I watched a film for crying out loud! Then when October comes I work 18 hour days with few breaks, little sleep and a questionable (at best) diet.  Nothing about it is level, but how do you keep balance when you have loads of orders to make and customers waiting?

Seriously, please tell me how?!

Maybe if I get this beauty by  Olive Et Oriel  it'll help?? :)  (Picture and print by Olive Et Oriel)

Maybe if I get this beauty by Olive Et Oriel it'll help?? :)

(Picture and print by Olive Et Oriel)

I hugely admire Katie and everyone else who manages to keep work and play (and everything else) even.  And please don't get me wrong - I really don't mean to complain, I thoroughly enjoy both my work and personal life. I feel SO lucky in both aspects and I've achieved more than I ever imaged with my little business. It's incredible and I wouldn't change a thing that's happened so far but what I would like is a little more balance going forward and I'm beyond confused about how to do that. So my question to you wonderfully balanced ones is - HOW?! 

How do you do that? Is it a state of mind and you just decide? or is it more practical and you need to prepare for it somehow - with to do lists and organisation or something? Is it a personality type? Do you just go for it or do you do baby steps? Basically...What's the secret you're not telling me please? haha! All tips and tricks greatly appreciated.

There’s no such thing as a perfect life, but it’s good to find a happy balance
— Katie Dobson of The Cutlery Commission

For now I guess I'll start with baby steps - I've worked all day so I'll have tonight off and I'll have a jacket potato and salad for dinner. (How do I manage to make 'Balance' sound boring?) 

I hope you have a lovely evening! 

Speak Soon,

L x