Hello New Work Home!

It’s been forever!

This ‘every-other-week’ blog situation is super weird. I do enjoy the extra time not chained to a keyboard every Wednesday but I miss you! Even though it’s just me typing AT you each week it’s nice to keep in touch … this feels like we haven’t ‘caught up’ in ages. Maybe it’s because SO MUCH HAS CHANGED in 2 weeks. It’s been a whirlwind of Christmas Launch (Insane reaction THANK YOU!) and then a casual premises move! Yes we are now in our new work home, not quite finished but fully functional (as long as the collection and deliver drivers find us) and oh my word having some space is magnificent!

What’s the goss?

So essentially I’ve been looking for a new studio (outside of my home) since March last year I knew for my sanity and for the sake of the business both me and the knitting needed to get out the house. I set a deadline of ‘we MUST be in by September to be ready and set up for Christmas’ so naturally I moved the same week we launched the Christmas range at the end of October (Total madness). Between March - October I’d seen numerous buildings, some wonderful, some gross. I’d put in 2 offers on beautiful spaces, each was accepted before it all came tumbling down (which was really difficult as I loved them both so much) but we finally found our new LAD home and it’s magic.

People watching today with my new  Hilda Carr  Mug

People watching today with my new Hilda Carr Mug

So where are we?!

Well, we can now to be found in the small (but magnificent) town of Topsham, just outside Exeter. We are in the Former Ticket Office at the railway station so basically we’re on the platform. Our windows overlook the platform and train line and my word it’s wonderful people watching (and time telling for that matter haha I know it’s 5 past the hour when the train comes in!) We are a studio but sadly not a shop for visits, although I’m really hoping to run workshops and possibly some Open Studio Days from here as it’s such a good space and I’ve built a cracking table I want to use for workshops :p

Prosecco from a mug and all the IKEA furniture (must buy a new lampshade!)

Prosecco from a mug and all the IKEA furniture (must buy a new lampshade!)

It was a squeeze

It was so wonderful to work from home for so many years and I absolutely loved it so part of me really didnt want to move out but the reality was that knitting/wool/cardboard boxes/stock had taken over the 2 rooms we allowed it, then the spare room, then the lounge, shed, garage, and could generally be found under the stairs, in the bedroom and on the landing. It was just too much of a squeeze - We have much more space now although we’ve easily filled it and I honestly spend most of my time looking around and wondering how on earth we managed to fit it all into the house. We’ve tried to organise everything as efficiently as possible and I’ll give you a proper tour once it’s all done and the drill/paint/spare MDF are no longer chilling ‘to hand’ in the middle of the floor, but here’s a few before & after(ish) to show you what we’re working with…

Apple Green

When we moved in it was painted in ‘Apple Green’ which did funny things to my eyes. The building used to be a charity for the blind so it’s wonderfully practical and accessible which I love it just needed to be LAD’d up a bit. It had a lot of storage cupboards and surfaces (and about a million plugs!?) which we’ve kept but removed the doors so we can see what’s in the cupboards and access them really quickly. Our first step was to paint it all white and then to dump everything in it (bring on the colour!)

Once we’d painted and returned the rental van we went to Ikea (obvs) and bought about 100 plastic boxes (the key seems to be seeing everything we have to make it quicker to prep and pack) and we hit up B&Q for some plastic shelf units and a huge plywood top to create a table. The table is my favourite thing, it’s so practical and useful, it’s where i’d like to do workshops…once it’s finished! It’s just so convenient to have such a wonderful big area to prep orders on.

It’s a work in progress and there’s still a lot of work to do, I need to paint the front door, get signs outside, sort the bins & utilities (ffs), fill it with more stock and I’m desperate to change the blinds! As soon as we’re a little more organised i’ll give you a better tour and show you what we’ve done but hopefully you like it for now!

You tho <3

I can’t wait to prep and pack more orders from our new studio, it definitely feels like Christmas is coming, we’re sending out ALL the santa hats already and I’m LOVING all the knit kits flying out and seeing which colours you go for! Thank you so much for your continued support, I’m so grateful that you’re here with me, I promise I do not take it for granted that you are the reason I’ve been able to grown my business and you’re the ones who have helped to pay for me to people watch at the train station every day :p


Take care,

L x