Knitters Wanted

YAY! It's happened again, the business is growing and we need more help to keep up. 

Around this time of year I tend to look for local knitters to join our small team, It’s a great time to get people on board and start learning the ropes and getting practice in, ready for the mammoth operation that is Christmas. The wonderful group of ladies I have on board have helped me grow and achieve goals that I never thought imaginable and we now need one or two more pairs of hands so we can get even bigger and better. 


All the info is below, but the key aspects are; Someone close by, in or around Exeter to collect and drop off work, (I'm near to J30 on the M5) who's willing to register as self employed, experienced at hand knitting and adaptable to whatever comes their way. (After all, you never know when you're going to get a call to make 250 Santa hats in 6 days!!) Once i've received the initial form (found at the very bottom) to say you're interested, I will send you a copy of the questionnaire to learn a little more about you and your knitting skills. Here's all the details you need - 

Who I'm looking for:  


- Really important - Based nearby Exeter in Devon and able to drop off and collect knitting when necessary (normally on a weekly basis) as work is too heavy to post constantly.

- Non-smoker and pet free environment 

- Experienced knitter who could cope with the large scale whilst keeping tension accurate. (you get time to practice at the beginning!)

- As a minimum the ability to knit Garter, Moss and Stockinette stitches, 'knit on' cast on, standard cast/bind off & ‘pick up and knit’ stitches.

- Registered or willing to register as self employed 


The successful applicant will be

Friendly and amiable 

- Flexible and adaptable in attitude and especially with regards to work load

- Well organised with good time management

These are the needles all the knitters use

These are the needles all the knitters use

Other info

- Please note that a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed by the successful applicants. 

- Quality is of the upmost importance so a sample piece of knitting is required from shortlisted applicants. (I send needles and wool out for this sample) 

-The workload will vary depending on demand and time of year, therefore there may be lots of work one month and little or none the next. 

- Payment is per piece and has been calculated based on time and motion samples carried out by myself and my existing knitters to calculate a fair wage.

-The work will be carried out in the knitters own home & I will supply the patterns, needles, wool and any other information needed. My work is all chunky knitting so it would involve using the large wooden needles as pictured above, but not the super sized ones (used to make throws).


A bit about Lauren Aston Designs:

I launched the brand in February 2015 hand crafting statement knits on giant needles. Since then I’m thrilled to say that it's gone from strength to strength, growing quickly and presenting amazing opportunities with huge thanks to my team of knitters - Emma, Deb and Helen - and Sally who does all the sewing and lots of the in house work now too.

It's been a wonderful few years since the launch, the brand has been featured in countless publications including Country Living magazine, The Metro Newspaper, Mollie Makes magazine and Women and Home, as well as plenty of others. Amongst other achievements I've knit a giant teapot cosy for the National Theatres production of Alice in Wonderland 'Wonder.Land', won a Country Homes and Interiors 'my country business award' and had wonderful publicity for the Chunky Knit Santa Hat’s which then flew out faster than we could knit them!

Lauren Aston Designs knit’s are sold internationally on a number of platforms (mainly, & as well as selling bulk to trade customers and the occasional retail show. The eternal aim is to keep great quality and short lead times, I try to absorb that pressure as much as possible by keeping on top of stock to the best of my ability but this can be tricky, especially at Christmas so can call for a very quick turn around on some products, particularly as I need to process each item once it's been knit. As ever, quality is key and needs to be upheld even when working to tight deadlines. 

These are my blanket needles - knitters don't need to take these home!

These are my blanket needles - knitters don't need to take these home!

Your Role: 

As a small business each day is different. This is wonderful for variety but makes it difficult to guess demand and stock levels, for this reason my lovely knitters need to be flexible and accommodating. Some weeks there's lots to do and others there's nothing. Most of the year is spent building up stock for Christmas and then between October – January it’s full steam ahead. Knitters average 1 drop off/collection a week but occasionally more frequent drop offs are required (normally just in November/December) additional drop offs are invoiced with the work to cover the extra milage.

The variety of knitting I need help with is basically everything made on the 'smaller' needles. It’s a huge range of colours and the items include my full range of Cushions and Footstools as well as Christmas lines such as Stockings, Toy Sacks, Santa Hats and Tree Toppers...  and the new lines I’m currently working on.

I have a lovely relationship with each of my knitters. It's important that we get on well and have a friendly and honest working relationship so that everyone is happy. I try to be accommodating whenever possible and I completely understand that this is a part time role and not all consuming to anyone but myself, in return I ask for honesty and realistic expectations. 

In short, it's a colourful and exciting growing business to knit for, with plenty of variety and really big needles. The right person will be up for a challenge, flexible in attitude and hours, friendly and of course, a great knitter. 

Lauren Aston Designs


If you made it this far and you're still reading I'm impressed and looking forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in knitting for Lauren Aston Designs please do fill out this form

Thank you so much for your time! 

L x

P.S please feel free to share this with any of your friends or family who live locally who may be interested! Thank you :D