Knitting Workshop at Battersea D&CH

Hello there!

If you tuned in last week you'll remember I made a slight slip up on the old blog front and suddenly realised whilst on the train at 5.30 on Wednesday evening that I hadn't written that weeks blog. Luckily this week I managed to get my act together sooner and so didn't need to panic write. 

The reason I was on the train in the first place was that I was travelling to London for a few meetings (one in particular was VERY exciting and I can't wait to share with you soon!) then in the evening I did another event at Battersea Dogs and Cat's home, sponsored by, running a chunky knit workshop. Battersea hold a 'Knitting Kittens' event each month when you can go along and knit little mice for their cats to play with, so we upped the knitted kittens game, I previously made them a couple of giant mice and then we held a workshop to raise awareness.  

Me at the press event in July with my giant mice.

Me at the press event in July with my giant mice.

As Thursday was due to be quite full on I arrived on Wednesday evening so that I could be at my secret meeting by 10am Thursday which went well, I then raced over to Richmond to NOTHS HQ had lunch with lovely Lucy from their Marketing team who then took this ridiculous picture of me outside... 

Lauren Aston NOTHS HQ


After a meeting in HQ I made it over to Battersea for 4pm to help set up for the workshop, although there wasn't much to do as the NOTHS team and their amazing stylist Holly had made it look blinkin' amazing! (I mainly reapplied plasters to me dead feet and ate all their biscuits) 

Knitting Kittens

It all kicked off at 5.45pm, I used my giant needles to demonstrate casting on and how to knit and they were off! Most of the ladies knew how to knit or had done in the past and the rest picked it up really quickly so I was able to just float around and help people as and when they needed it.

After an hour everyone learnt how to cast off their creations and we took a picture and went on our merry way with goodie bags filled with knitting and cat biscuits (that is, people biscuits in the shape of cats rather than biscuits for cats) finally it was off to Paddington, onto the train and home to Devon for me. An exhausting but totally exhilarating day that has got me thinking about running my own workshops... whatdoyasay? Fancy some chunky knitting?

Speak soon, 

L x

P.S For more information on the normal knitting kittens events take a look at Batterseas website, upcoming events are on the 19th October and 16th November and you can just go along and knit to your hearts content to help these little guys...

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