Lessons Learnt

Hello lovelies, 

How are you all? I'm sure so many of you are with me in feeling like you're emerging from a 2016 haze and finally able to catch up with friends and family who've been abandoned for months... isn't it wonderful to touch base and feel human again?!

January's been amazingly busy so far, but I have been sure to catch up on some major sleep... (After Christmas we bought the words greatest bedding from the White Company it's the Harrison bed linen collection and I honestly think it changed my life it's so damn cosy) 

Although it's been much more relaxed than the previous 6 months, it's also been busier than I imagined, what with the VAT twist, lots of lovely orders (THANK YOU!) and numerous 'secret projects' I'm struggling slightly to keep up. Nonetheless, this is such an exciting time, it's the time of the year when ideas come flooding out because there's finally a moment to breath and a tiny bit of extra brain room that suddenly sings about all the ideas that have been pushed to the back for the last 6 months because there's no time to develop and the only slightly frustrating part about that is that there still doesn't seem to be enough time to get stuck into any of them. Where do all the hours in the day go please?

Due to my brain space being so limited, particularly between September to January I keep a sketchbook to draw and write down any ideas that come to mind at the time so I can look at them later. It's lucky I do this because most of the time I sit down and go 'OH YEAH!!! I forgot I was going to do that!' and it feels like a lovely surprise from the design and development fairies... as long as I can understand their handwriting and appalling drawing skills.  


I also seem to have settled into a good habit of making a note in my sketchbook at the end of the year to mark the achievements and learnings. On the 23rd December after the last orders had left the building, I scribbled down on a page entitled 'Christmas 16; Lessons Learnt' and there were an awful lot of them let me tell you. I really dropped the ball on a few things - only having 10 Santa Hat's knitted up being a highlight 'who's going to buy them?' *face palm* - I could sit here and make excuses for every single one of the things I did wrong, why I thought it was a good decision at the time, but actually I look back and there's so much more to the story than that. Ultimately I'm so proud of what I achieved despite the many, many lapses in judgement and I'm going to own those mistakes, learn from them and use them to help me improve next year.   


I suppose that the point i'm making is that we all make errors, we all look back and wish we'd done somethings differently but instead of beating ourselves up about it why don't we accept that it happened and question how we can use it to our advantage in the future by learning from it? Hindsight really is a wonderful thing and why not employ it to educate ourselves further for future challenges, to turn them into successes? And what better time than January to do just that. I'm not into New Year New Me, I don't think we should attempt to change ourselves, it seems too critical of our past versions, instead lets celebrate the mistakes we made and use them to our advantage. 


So from here, I've decided i'm going to get organised, I'm going to dedicate time to sitting down and analysing my list of lessons learnt, asking how to make it even better and what I can do to avoid it in future? Not only that but i'm going to write down all of my plans and products for the year and priorities them so that I can focus on just a few and really make them work...one thing I learnt from last year is not to spread myself too thin and no to take on too much at once. Some of the things I have on the horizon are currently tightly under wraps (I think it will be worth it though once it's all sorted) but others i'm just keeping quiet through fear it won't go down as well as I'd like or that I won't have time to make it happen but once i've organised my plans I will begin to share them with you as I so value your feedback... in fact I think I'll be sharing the first one next week and asking your opinions on some different options so please do stay tuned! 


Right, I've waffled enough for this windy January Wednesday, I'm off to grab yet another cuppa and do some knitting, In the mean time - well done to us for our mistakes and here's to learning from the next lot we will undoubtedly make! 

L x


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