Let's talk about Wool Baby

Hello Wool Week!

It's that time of year again when it's getting a bit dark and grumpy outside but Campaign for Wool brighten up the week by reminding us how wonderful their favourite fibre really is. Never wanting to miss out I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and join in with some wool admiration of my own.

Also, before now I've done a few blogs about woolly wonders so thought I'd totally cop out of today's blog by simply reminding you of those... Of course I'm joking (kind of). I've spent the best part of my morning writing some fresh paragraphs and reigniting my wool knowledge and love. 

wool isn’t a particularly sexy subject

Now I understand that for some of you, wool isn't a particularly sexy subject but don't leave me now - I promise I've only blogged about the sexy bits....or at the very least, the fun/interesting/crafty bits. One thing I will give you is that I sure know how to waffle, so for today let's just talk about the absolute best bits (I've even broken it down into headings so you can skip past bits that seem dull!)...

Sometimes you've just gotta roll around in a pile of wool right?....Oh, Just me?

Sometimes you've just gotta roll around in a pile of wool right?....Oh, Just me?

My top 8 blogs about wool:

The following are a selection with a short description of some of my past wool/knitting blogs so if you fancy learning a little more and having fun whilst doing so, why not have a look at these -

  1. How to knit - For those who'd like to learn.
  2. 11 insane but true things about knitting - For those who enjoy a fun fact.
  3. Amazing things to make and buy from wool - For those who fancy a crafty project.
  4. 7 reasons Merino wool is the best - For those who...everyone should read this, it's just great. ;) 
  5. How to make a Giant Knit Blanket - For those who feel they've cracked/can't be bothered with normal knitting.
  6. DIY Crochet Heart Pattern - For those who just don't want to knit.
  7. Is Giant Knitting Really That Great? - For those who aren't sold on number 5.
  8. The Secret is Out (blog about my knitting book) - For those who might want to purchase the book so they can knit any and all of the 35 projects.. but want to learn more about it first.


My favourite ever wool fact:

As yesterday was World Mental Health day, I think it's totally apt that one of my favourite facts about knitting is that it can help to improve mental health. It's proven to be calming, help with stress and a form of mindful meditation. If you've ever tried knitting (once you've got past the stress of starting and dropping a few stitches), I'm sure you'll agree its therapeutic, satisfying and rather addictive. As ever, I recommend knitting (in any size) to everyone whether as a therapy, so you can knit some nice mittens, or both. 


My Favourite sheep: 

Yes that's a thing! My favourite breed of sheep are obviously Merino as they produce THE BEST wool (in my humble opinion) but it's also worth noting again that I'm sadly/ironically allergic to a lot of other types of wool but merino is hypoallergenic, so surely I could give them big fluffy hugs and not get a rash?! That might be one of those concepts that are much more pleasant in your imagination than in real life. 

If we're talking about my favourite individual sheep then this guy has to be the winner, What a hero:

Chris the Sheep was rescued by the RSPCA in 2015 and when he was sheered they managed to remove 45kg of wool from him....that's over 20 of my lap blankets! (The poor dude!)  

Chris The Sheep


FREQUENTLY Asked questions about my wool:

These are the things I get asked about the most with my woolly work...

What's you're favourite thing to knit? Hands down the blankets. It's so much fun, it really hasn't ever gotten old. I love watching them grow so quickly and when you go for a bright shade it's such an amazing hit of colour it's wonderful. (*Shameless plug alert*...why not try it yourself, there's even a How To video to teach you how :p)

Is your wool scratchy or itchy at all? Not in the slightest, Merino wool is so beautiful to work with, partly due to how amazingly soft it it. After it's partially felted (something I do to my finished products to help with durability) it's ever so slightly less soft as the fibres are then bonded (which is the whole point of the felting) but it's still wonderful to touch - not scratchy or static in the slightest.

Do you sell the wool? Yes, there's 2 sides to my business - Ready made items that I have knit/knit to order and the DIY section when you can have a go at giant knitting yourself. - I sell both the wool by itself as well as 'Knit Kits' which include the wool, needles and pattern for you to knit your own throw! At the moment there's only an 'experienced knitter' kit (you only need to know the basics) but I'm working on a kit for beginners.

How much wool do I need to make a blanket? It depends entirely on how big you want your blanket to be, as a rough guide it works out at 0.5 square meters per kg (when using the Giant Knitting Needles) The calculation to do it - 

Width of blanket (in meters) x Length of blanket (in meters) = square meterage of your blanket / 0.5 = kg of yarn required. i.e 1(m) x 1.5(m) = 1.5... 1.5/0.5 = 3 so I'd need 3kg. 

Theres a guide on the right hand side to help you work it out and if you want a hand just drop me an email with the approximate dimensions you'd like and I'll happily assist. 


Fancy a project? (or just need to use up the yarn stash)

There's heaps of inspiration on Pinterest, plenty of patterns on Loveknitting.com and I hear someone has a fabulous giant knitting DIY section and  knitting patterns book out soon :p 

I also did a blog a few years ago about woolly things to make or buy, and you don't even need to know how to knit for lots on that one! 

I hope you're feeling inspired to whip the wool out and get creative. Wool is just a wonderful fibre that you can do so much with, with a dose of creativity and imagination magical things can happen (I feel like I'm in a disney film all of a sudden.) 


I'm off 

Please stick around until next week when the new collection will be launched, I'm absurdly behind on preparing for it, so best get cracking but first I have two final things to run by you: 

  1. If you have any more questions feel free to add them in the comments below...
  2. I'd love to hear if there's anything you're hoping to see in the new collection? Fingers crossed it won't disappoint!


I'll leave now

Speak soon lovers! 

L x