Mothers Day Inspo

Well Hello!

Hi pals, this week I thought I’d whizz through some mothers day ideas for you in case you, like me, are still on the hunt for a lovely gift. If you’re not in the market for a mothers day gift your options are to ignore me and spend your time doing anything else OR scroll through and see if you can find a nice self-gift. You deserve it. I know I’m a big ‘knitting pusher’ and seem to think that everyone should learn but I promise there’s a reason - not only is it super satisfying and sustainable to make your order clothes/homewares/anything you can, knitting is also incredibly good for mindfulness and mental health. I’m never happier than when I’m knitting away and it is a proper proven fact that it’s good for you (here’s a link to an article in the Telegraph if you don’t believe me) What better gift to give your Ma or yourself than that?! ….Having said that, there’s also ready made gifts included in this post. I’ll take your money any way you want to give it to me love.

Let’s do it in order of price so it’s easy…

(Click on any of the pictures to check out the listings)

Gifts £20 & Under

Pompom decorations and tassel garlands aren’t just for Christmas. for £20 you could grab a beautiful decoration for their home to stay out year round.

Or if they’re more crafty then why not snatch up a Box of Balls or pompom kit to go wild and get creative with?!

Alternatively there’s the Book for £12.99 which is full of 35 patterns straight from my brain - a mix of home and accessories, there’s cushions, gloves, a bean bag and blankets. Or some Jumbo needles ALWAYS go down a treat…

Box of Balls
from 20.00
Pompom Kit
from 18.00

Gifts £40 & Under

A knitted crown never fails to make someones day, for £25 you could give her that joy or for £21 she could knit one herself! Or if you think she’d enjoy learning to knit then either a Snood, Scarf or Cushion kit are great starter kits.

If she’s already a yarn junkie then the one off box of our Subscription Boxes are a great treat and for a seasoned pro the Jumbo Yarn makes a really fun project

Gifts £80 & Under

If you’re after a really special gift this year then this category has some of our favourites. The oblong cushion makes a really beautiful and tasteful gift as do the colourful cushions for a more vibrant interior.

Keep her cosy with a Rapunzel scarf or if she’s into knitting then you really can’t go wrong with a Cable Knit Jumper or Oversized Cardigan kit. Finally the Giant Knitted Needles are a staple knitting accessory for someone creative wanting to up their knitting game (and make a really fun and impactful gift)

There’s more but…

There is obviously loads more in our Ready Made and DIY shops but to be honest, you probably don’t need me to break it down for you any more than that haha.So I’ll leave you for today and speak next week. We should have a new product coming out (it would have been perfect for mothers day but sadly it’s been delayed slightly *bummer* but I’ll fill you in once it’s launched.

Take care and speak soon pals,

L x