New Care Packages

Hello You Beauties!

I shan’t keep you long pals - partly because I forgot to bring my laptop charger to work today so I don’t have long to waffle - I just wanted to announce our NEW PRODUCT which I’m very pleased with and also tell you that we have free Next Day Delivery on all products in the ‘Express’ categories on the website for the next few days in case you need anything by the weekend….wink wink nudge nudge I’m not going to say the words Mothers Day* because it’s getting boring isn’t it?

(*other than just then when I said it)

Care Packages?!

So our latest release is a new Care Package, they are just in time for this weekend - of which we are not speaking - but they’re also just super lovely gifts for your pals, your loved ones or yourself. They have 3 balls of yarn (although some tw*t photographed them with 2 balls and now doesn’t have time to update the photographs until tomorrow so lets just move swiftly on and not talk about it) 3 knitting patterns, a pair of 10mm knitting needles AND THEN they also have - some Clipper Hot Chocolate, a beautiful bottle of The Noble Apothecary’s ‘Gentle Cleansing Oil’ AND 3 white candles.

Knitting Care Package

Tell Me More!

They were born from the idea of how mindful knitting is. Some of my favourite messages are from customers telling me that learning to knit from our kits has really helped their anxiety or simply just given them some ‘me time’ that they’ve really enjoyed. We wanted to do something even better and give you a proper package of joy to help you feel totally dreamy and calm. You can then enjoy them yourself or give them to someone you love who’s in need of some zen.

They’re included in our Express category (in the DIY section) so if you want one for this weekend you can get one sharpish if you order before 12pm on Friday (29th March) Anyway, I don’t wanna talk your ear off so I’ll leave it there and pop the link below in case you want to browse further….

Be Mindful Care Package
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Take care pals

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P.S I’m posting THE most exciting campaign of my career on instagram tonight. Check out who I’m working with if you get chance.