Please Let's Stay Friends

Hello lovely ones, 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with plenty of chocolates, sunshine and family time. I went to a gin tasting (which I highly recommend) ate my entire easter haul in one sitting and then cracked on with my spreadsheet so all in all a good 4 days! 

The spreadsheet I was working on was a bit of a scary one because I had to update all my pricing to include VAT which I've basically been avoiding since Christmas. My avoidance however has come at quite a cost since i've been having to pay VAT on all sales since December onwards and not been accounting for it in the cost of each product so 20% of everything has gone off to Mr Tax (ouch!) and I couldn't seem to procrastinate any longer, or afford to for that matter! 

Without wanting to bore you with the details (and also attempting not to let my insecurities completely get the better of me worrying that I'll never sell anything ever again...) I had to increase my prices. I've already adjusted them all on my website and realistically they aren't a very big jump. I'm absorbing as much as I possibly can so some products have even stayed the same and others increased by just a couple of pounds. 

All the wool, knit kits, needles etc have stayed at the exact same price, I just can't ever do a discount on them. The cushions have gone up a little as have the blankets - although I kept the white lap blanket the same with the thought of keeping 1 staple blanket as accessible as possible :).

It's a really strange place to be because it's so exhilarating that the business is growing and hitting exciting numbers but I'm so sorry it has to effect the prices for my customers. If I could absorb it all then I really would but in all honesty I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage let alone buy more wool to keep going so I think that's a lose lose all round. For now I'll take as bigger hit as possible and I'm crossing fingers and toes that you still think everything's worth the cost. I promise I'll always do what I can to keep it as fair as possible. 

I'm also planning on making lots of limited edition items, things like footstools and cushions for the same price as normal so hopefully that'll keep it interesting and it's always fun to have a one-off! I've got lots of ideas for newness too and finally some time to crack on and action all the ideas that have been swimming into my mind and scribbled down in my sketchbook for the last 8 months. So although it's not brilliant new this week, I do come with exciting ideas (hopefully!) and a heads up about a giveaway in the next week too, keep your eyes peeled! 

New Floor Cushions coming sooooon! 

New Floor Cushions coming sooooon! 

So there you have it, it seems that the long and the short of it is that I've cost us both money and hopefully the tax man will do some good with it, let's think of it as a charitable donation. Also there's newness coming so I'm very excited about that and I'll be sure to share it all as soon as possible!  As ever thank you support, I hope we're still friends! <3 

L x

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