Shows, Shoots and Socials


It seems I was in such a whirlwind last week I completely forgot to write a blog! It didn’t even enter my mind until Friday and I suddenly realised what day of the week it was...Whoops! Anyway this week I’m out and about so just through I’d quickly drop in with a bit of an update rather than abandon the blog completely.

Where’ve you been?

So on Thursday last week I headed to Made By Hand in Cheltenham to do what was theoretically my final ever show…Having said that, I loved it SO MUCH I am tempted to apply again for next year and see if they’ll have me… I’ll decide later! I find the prep for them totally exhausting and also just hate standing in front of my work trying to ‘sell’ it. But I adore all the chatting and socialising, I’ve always thought I’d rather just visit them but there really is something wonderful about being ‘involved’ and getting to spend a long weekend with some brilliant makers and artists who I wouldn’t normally be able to see so much of.

It was bloody marvellous to meet so many pals from instagram, existing customers as well as new faces. Thank you to everyone who came along to see us! It really was the visits that made it great. Helen (from the Creative Business Network) kept me company on the stand thankfully - she’s also great at ‘selling’ me and my work far better than I am (but not in a salesy way, just in a passionate loving one which I massively appreciate) She’s my biggest cheerleader and a great friend and colleague so it’s always brilliant when she’s willing to come along. I was also thoroughly entertained in the evenings by Marna Lunt (the creative genius who can embroider anything) Andy Poplar (from Vinegar and Brown Paper who is the epitome of On Brand at all times) Ben Partridge (from The Owlery who had me laughing until I cried), James Green (the printmaker who is basically famous having been on Portrait AND Landscape artist of the year) and my long time pal Steve from Grace and Favour Home.

They’re a bunch of hilarious, kind, talented people and I feel so lucky to have been part of their crowd for 3 whole days - thanks for looking after me you guys and for all the LOL’s (obvs) <3

My Freda Brooch by Marna Lunt

My Freda Brooch by Marna Lunt

International Women’s Day

On top of that buzz, and as I’m sure you know it was International Women’s Day on Friday - while I was away. This year I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to take part in a shoot that was organised by Sanchos - an Affordable ethical clothing shop in Exeter. 15 of us, local to Exeter went in minimal make up, were dressed in their DREAMY clothes and were photographed by Harry Cooke before answering some interview questions. Kalkidan from Sanchos then edited it all together and created a beautiful Zine which is available on their website. Do take a look if you have chance, it’s a beautiful revealing look at their (role) Models and women trying to make a difference. It was such an honour to take part and I hope you like what they’ve created.

One of the shots of me from the IWD shoot photo by Harry Cooke, Jumpsuit borrowed from Sanchos and needles LAD’s own :p

One of the shots of me from the IWD shoot photo by Harry Cooke, Jumpsuit borrowed from Sanchos and needles LAD’s own :p

What Else Is New?

The other exciting thing that’s happened is that Helen and I recently recorded an episode of Josephine Brooks Podcast ‘On The Make’. We spoke about ‘Where to start with Defining your Audience’ and chatted for 45 glorious minutes. The episode was released on Monday and the feedback has been so kind. You can search On The Make on your podcast app or find it on Josephine’s website. We’re on Ep 33 but feel free to listen to them all. She’s a wonderfully articulate and well informed business advisor and has some brilliant guests on. We mentioned our Toolkit a lot so I’ll link to it below but no pressure. Hopefully some of the advice we gave in the podcast will be useful if you’re trying to define your audience.


Catch Up Soon

Other than that - I’m away for a little while longer for some time with the family, I have birthday celebrations and dog cuddles to catch up on plus a quick trip to London and a day at the races (I KNOW!…Who do I think I am?!) so normal service will resume shortly once i’ve caught my breath a little. Thanks for bearing with me while I galavant around.

Speak soon + Take care pals!

L x