Some Chunky Knit Newness

Howdy Friends

I hope you're all well and enjoying your week so far. Thank you again for the love from the last 2 weeks posts, it's been amazing. 

This week I thought we'd talk about something squishy and fun as next week I have another post about small business woes lined up. But for this Wednesday I figured we could all use a chunky knit hug with some brand new newness and some you might have missed. 


Here's a hint ^ 

Here's a hint ^ 

What's new Pussycat?

Back at the beginning of the year (which was actually half a year ago despite the fact it feels like we're still only just starting 2017...right?) when I was working on the book, I was slightly concerned I would run out of ideas FOREVER. But, I tried out a lot of new and different techniques as well as things I've always wanted to do but never got round to (including a giant knit bean bag...YAS!). Luckily it seemed to spark something so I've been working on some new items that are similar. At the moment I think they might just be limited edition as they're rather time consuming so the thought of doing them at Christmas scares me slightly but I'm still undecided. (I just make it up as I go along, I seriously don't have a clue what i'm doing) So whether or not they're here to stay I cannot tell you but they are here now so allow me to introduce you to my latest babies...


The Ombre's

Oh. My. Gosh. I can't get enough of these. You may remember I did the dip dyed cushions when I first started and I've always been desperate to do them as a blanket but never had the 'facilities' to dye the huge blankets (aka didn't want to ruin my bathroom by splashing dye all over the place.) But I've finally managed to knit up some ombre blankets in pre-dyed colours. 

First up is the Grey ombre which you might have caught a sneaky peak of before as I've shared the odd picture on Instagram, it's three different shades of grey which run seamlessly (if I may say so myself) into one another:


Then the latest addition to the ombre collection is this dreamy neutral ombre below which goes from natural white to a lovely subtle blush. The Giant knit Ombre Blankets are available in small and Medium


It gets a little confusing because the Medium size for the Ombre blanket is a slightly different size to the normal medium - it's 120cm long rather than 150cm long - due to the number of rows that are needed to make the ombre work...but they're priced accordingly so I'm hoping that will help clear any confusion.

Anyway, back to the pretty pictures (you can find lots more on the actual listings too) 

The Ombre was a bit of a tricky one to develop, if you get the colours and tones slightly off then it just doesn't work. I've tried a lot of samples but eventually came up with these 2 colour schemes which I really adore. I'm thrilled that persistence payed off in this instance (It doesn't always, I have about 20 attempts at a scarf from earlier in the week as evidence) But thankful I think these beauties hit the nail on the head, I hope you do too! 


The Cables 

The Cables have been available on the website for about a month now and all I can say is, I'm so in love with The Cable Collection. It started with a big Mustard yellow blanket that I made for the book and then I was desperate to have one in Candyfloss pink. From there the cushions were born, each one slightly different. The pastel colour scheme of the cushions seems to work really well with the huge oversized cables, making them almost cartoonish (which I think makes them really playful and fun). They just seem to be a wonderful mix of classic knitting and modern, stylish fun. 

Big Yellow Book Blanket

Big Yellow Book Blanket

Candyfloss Cable Blanket of my dreams

Candyfloss Cable Blanket of my dreams

The Cable Knit Blanket is available in both 'Small' as pictured above, and 'Large' as pictured below in the Mid Grey.

And shall we talk about those cartoon cushions, in just a few limited colours so far (although you know me, if you want another colour just email and I'll see what I can do) There's 2 oblongs and 1 square version, all in a different pastle colour and with a different style of cable. How to choose a fave? I have no idea. (sorry, I'm no help!)


You're all up to date

So there they are, my new babies. I've been wanting to do each of them for so long that I'm bouncy with joy that they're finally here. It feels like one of those jobs you've had on the to do list forever but can't seem to tick off because emails keep coming in...but now they're finally out there for the world.


I really hope you like them, and can't wait to hear your thoughts - I think all that's left to do now is some matching ombre cushions...yes???

Ciao for now friends,

Hope to see you next week 

L x

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