Spring Summer Sale

Hello team! 

How has your week been? We've been cracking on here getting ready for this weeks sale! I've been slowly preparing throughout the year so it was just a matter of pulling it all together, and this is my annual 'here's the deal' post so you know what time to set your alarms! 


Small Businesses & Sales

Whenever I do a sale I like to make it really clear that it's not a regular occurrence - It is not feasible for us wee ones to slash prices left right and centre. Generally we price our products with a modest margin and unlike a lot of the larger stores who can buy everything in super bulk for pennies and increase price tags to allow for a huge sale, we tend to just stay consistent and price accordingly and as fairly as possible, all year round.


Me and Sales 

I'm lucky enough to have some quieter weeks during Spring/Summer when chunky knits aren't at the forefront of everyones minds and I take advantage of these weeks by knitting blankets I want to, purely for fun. I then store them and borrow them occasionally for photographs (as you can see). These are my Sale blankets. You won't find any of the usual suspects in here because I just want to make them for the joy of it so generally they're fabulous colourful beauties! Because I've made them for fun and borrowed them for a few photos I'm not looking to make any money or even cover my time, I just need to cover the cost of the wool - Which is why I'm able to do limited sales in this way. It's also a bit of a fun way to say, 'thanks for your support - if you cover the costs, I'll sort the rest'.


The bits you need to know

So here are the bits you really need to know: 

  • The S/S sale will launch on Friday 25th May 2018 at 7.00am GMT
  • It will be exclusively on my website, I ship Free within the UK, and internationally (charging the cost of the shipping) to Europe, USA and Canada. 
  • Everything in the Spring Summer sale is 40% off. 
  • There will be a selection of blankets only.
  • The item isn't yours until your Checked out - Just because it's in your basket doesn't mean it's safe!  
  • All Sale purchased will be on their way to you within a week.


Set your alarms!

Most of the blankets are a one off, not a stock line... (There've been some hints in this post and on social media lately)...so when it's gone it's gone. You could of course order the same combination via the normal channels but in terms of the deals, they're unique. So the plan is on Friday morning at 7.00am I will set all the listings live. In other sales I have done, they sold out within 7 minutes so if you're after something I'd recommend setting a reminder and heading over to the shop at 7.00am. 

Top Secret

If you miss out (or even if you don't but just want more) you can sign up to the newsletter in the box below for an exclusive discount next week. SHHHHH!


It's not done until it's done 

Without wanting to sound like a broken record - during previous sales there has been some confusion so I just wanted to emphasis that the item won't be yours until you've officially checked out. You need to have paid and received an order confirmation. Simply putting it in your basket doesn't secure it (this is because people could put it in their basket for months without checking out which wouldn't be fair) - there's only one of each item so to secure it you need to check out.


My lips are sealed

I couldn't possibly say anymore as it would ruin any surprises but I'm super excited to see which ones you like and who goes for what. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your support amazing so far this year, it's been an amazing 2018 already and I've had so much fun working on the knit kits in particular, I'm hard at work on the Christmas lines and new products and can't wait to share them with you but please know, I'm so grateful for your continued support whether it be in the form of a happy email, friendly comment or even an order. You're so good to me! 

L x