The Cardigan Of Dreams

Happy Wednesday Pals!

I hope you're having a lush week so far even though the sun seems to have disappeared - or at least it has here in Devon! But fear not I have just the thing to keep us warm and toasty (honestly, you'd think I planned that lead in, but it just happened naturally..) 


Let me set the scene...

It's summer, you've just eaten all the burgers at the BBQ, the sun starts to set and you feel a touch chilly. The only thing that'll work for this occasion is a Chunky Knit - a nice big one to wrap up in... Cue the 'Dreamy Oversized Cardign' (also, my most humbly named product!) You're snug, warm, stylish and everyone's jealous of your cardi. Success! ;)

Now it's winter, you're chilly, because it's winter. Chestnuts are roasting on the open fire, the weather is nasty outside so you figure you'll stay in and hunker down. You grab your trusty chunky knit cardigan and watch some films, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate....and don't forget your chestnuts! 

So now you see how much we all need one :p ....

Lauren Aston Designs Knit Kit


Let's meet this dreamy Cardigan... 

 Yet again, another totally selfish product I designed because I wanted something oversized, slouchy, long and stylish. It really is the chunky knit of my dreams (I think I even prefer it to the Jumper!) and I REALLY hope you like it too. 

It's a really simple knit as I didn't want anything to steal focus from the sheer volume of it. Classic stockinette stitch and some beautiful ribbing at the cuffs and collar that really emphasis the size of the stitches. It tapers in gently at the front and my personal preference it to wear it one shouldered so that it falls longer on one side than the other. Available in one size only it easily fits UK sizes 6-22 due to its slouchy nature.

Lauren Aston Designs Cardigan


How can I buy it? (I hear you ask)

Originally designed as a beginners knit kit it's available in the DIY section as a knit kit from £65. But due to high demand (I asked on IG stories and a few people said yes) my knitters and I are also taking limited orders for commissions so we can knit them for you in your choice of colour ... it's a lot of wool and A LOT of time so they cost £225 ready made.

The Knitting Pattern is also available to download by itself if you've already got the gear :D 

Knit Kit - Dreamy Oversized Cardigan
from 65.00
Hank or Ball?:
Choose Colour & Add to Cart
Commission Jumper
from 205.00
Choose Colour & Add to Cart


But what colour to go for? 

Whether you go for DIY or Ready Made you can choose out of all 18 colour options, the Mink blush (as shown in my images) is the most popular so far as it's such a corker of a neutral. After that the Forest Green has been super popular which I cannot WAIT to see pictures of. The one I'm most excited to see at the moment are the Lilac kits that have gone out, I think that will be AMAZING. And next on my list is a granite grey one (as it'll also go with everything in my wardrobe) I can't wait to show you more as the colours start to come in! 

Lauren Aston Designs is 3


More about the knit kit 

So the knit kit as mentioned is for beginners, it uses the 2 basic stitches (Knit and Purl) and the only other thing you need to know it 'K2tog' which means knit 2 stitches together (it's super simple and is explained more on my knitting knowledge page if you're brand new to knitting.) The cardigan takes about 15 hours to knit (possibly a bit longer if you're a brand new beginner) but once you get the back done the rest comes together quite quickly. Once it's knitted up you just need to mattress stitch it together which gives the neatest finish. I'm working on videos for this as we speak but in the mean time there are plenty on you tube :D 

Chunky Knit Cardigan Knit Kit


What's in the box?

If you order a knit kit this is what you'll find in the box (as well as pretty packaging and a woollen bow) 

  • Approximately 1kg Super Chunky Yarn in the colour of your choice by Lauren Aston Designs
  • Knitting pattern
  • 'How to Knit' instructions
  • Tapestry needle
  • *Optional* 12mm knitting needles (35cm long)

(If you've previously ordered a Jumper kit they use the same 12mm long knitting needles so you wouldn't need the needles in this) 

Chunky Knit Cardigan Knit Kit


There you have it 

I REALLY hope you like it as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who's ordered so far due to my mildly aggressive Instagram storying about it (I wouldn't say I'm getting better at the sales side but I'm certainly getting more persistent! I'm like a car salesman!) Let me know what you think and importantly - what colour you'd go for! Can't wait to see them all knitted up!

Thank you 

Thanks for stopping by team, 

Take care & Speak soon, 

L x