The Happy List

The last few weeks have pretty much been a blur if I'm honest. I'm in a hectic bubble of wedding and work, both of which have ramped up considerably resulting in that foggy haze of panic where you end up rushing around and forgetting to stop and smell the roses. Too many 3am bedtimes followed by tea fuelled morning, frantic knitting, table planning, packaging and spray tan queries have left me a bit worse for where and I'll admit - I've been a bit of a grump. Every time i've heard the 'Ding' of a new email I've panicked.

But no more! I have 2 days left until I shut up shop, close the order book and start spray painting and drilling pumpkins (for the wedding not just halloween) and I'm determined to enjoy them. So I've decided to do a Happy List every week for myself. I'm going to list 3 things that I've achieved, that make me smile, that please me - hey, I made it up so anything goes as long as it's a positive. 

Don't worry, I won't share them with you every week - some weeks I may just be 'I made a cake and didn't eat it all in one go' or 'Ryan Gosling' so I wouldn't bore you with the in's and outs. This week however, as it's my new thing and I think it may be helpful to others who are feeling a little stressed or down in the dumps... I will! 

My Happy List - 

Happy 1 - Yesterday I reached 12k followers on Instagram. This is remarkable, thank you to every single one of you who has joined me on my Instagram journey, I hope to continue providing chunky knit porn for a long time! I promise I'll do a giveaway when I get back (I just thought it best not to push myself over the edge entirely before I leave by inviting more work and admin into my life voluntarily)  

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Happy 2 - Totally amazing and very exciting, you may have seen on Facebook that House Beautiful posted an article about my little chunky knit biz last week! Not only that but it's also been shared by other large magazines like Country Living, if that's not a reason to celebrate I don't know what is! 

Lauren Aston Designs House Beautiful


Happy 3 - If you've visited the blog before you may know that i'm a firm believer in celebrating achievements and giving yourself a pat on the back when you deserve one (for sure we all beat ourselves up no end when we doing something wrong so let's do it the other way around) When I jotted down the first 2 of my Happy List today and considered the pressure i've put myself under this last month I was struck by just how much I'd managed to do. Once I stepped back from the mania I suddenly realised just what an achievement it is to have sent out all the orders I have. And to mark this I've made a montage of the cover images to show just Monday - Wednesday of this week's orders and what's coming up in the next 2 days (cuz why not)      

Above is Monday - Wednesday and below is what's leaving in the next 2 days - 

Oh my god what am I doing waffling!? I best get to it. I hope that The Happy List can help anyone else who may be in a bit of a funk for whatever reason. There's always good somewhere, you just have to look for it. 

Speak soon lovelies! 

L x