The Numbers Post

Happy Holiday Greetings

Well, I have to say, this year feels a bit like cheating it’s so relaxed! I normally do this post a week earlier when it’s bonkers busy but this year I used that spot to squeeze in some more last minute orders so here I am with a mid-Christmas treat (it’s a treat for me and probably totally irrelevant to you but in the studio we’ve been talking about it endlessly)…It’s the Number Post! HAZAAR!

I can’t be bothered to do all the ‘it’s not about the number’ talk - we (hopefully) all know that there’s SO much more to it but as an eternal fan of patting yourself on the back for your achievements I adore writing it all down to see what we achieved and if all the cardboard cuts were worth it? This year in particular it’s been a HUGE team effort. The new studio has helped us thrive in a way I never imagined, not only are we 10 times more productive now that we have some space, LAD feels like so much more of a community both in the studio and online. With 3 of us packing orders round the big table laughing until we nearly wee (I’m not even joking) it’s been a new experience that I have absolutely LOVED every minute of. Not only that but the Facebook group and instagram in general is just the most wonderful place to be - seeing everyones pictures of Christmas day has been such a highlight for me.

Christmas Stockings

lows and highs

It wasn’t the easiest year, there were Janet’s and operations, other studio’s falling through and a lot of solicitor fees. After breaking my arm in August I really struggled personally with my mental health. It was a trying time but I learnt so much about myself. I now see a therapist which is one of my favourite things to do and I would recommend to everyone and anyone if you can afford to. I sacrifice clothes shopping to pay for mine (which is helping both the planet and my head!) and I now feel stronger than ever (and only occasionally will I cry when I see someone on a bike which is much better than before! haha) I went from what felt like mental health rock bottom whilst literally watching Janet try to mimic my brand and copy my best selling products to the absolute wonder of a busy BUT MANAGEABLE Christmas and it was pure joy. (P.S F*ck Janet)

Thanks to team LAD

Organisation was the key this year, Helen from The Creative Business Network (who I work with on the regular) helped me forecast sales and my amazing knitters worked all year helping me to build stock so that we could avoid another year with a month long wait for Santa Hats. Having the stock ready, the space to store it and then the room to pack it make an ENORMOUS difference. Alex and a few of my friends helped me prep boxes, yarn and envelopes for Kits, branding the knitting needles and making up endless amounts of Tree Topper boxes.

It would be impossible for me to talk about the help I have without mentioning Sally who has stuck by me/LAD from one small spare room, to a slightly bigger spare room to a studio where she can now actually walk around! Sally helps me all year round and I’d be beyond lost without her. Every year I try to tell her how much she means to me and LAD in her Christmas card but don’t think I ever manage it properly so I want to publicly declare that SALLY - YOU’RE A MARVEL! Thank you for your hard work, willingness, adaptability, quality control and for putting up with me! Every business needs a Sally and I’m so delighted you’ve stuck with mine. Thank you x

Harry in Santa Hat

2018 hun

It’s been such an amazing year, really finishing on a high - We’ve been lucky enough to work with brands like Elizabeth Arden who are endlessly supportive and kind to our small business and had a whale of a time appearing on the actual Telly for Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. The highlight for me was possibly when the delivery driver I’d never met before (who was dropping off our cardboard boxes) said to me ‘you were on telly last week weren’t you?’ And my favourite ever ‘Pinch Me’ moment when Victoria Beckham shared another IG story of the LAD Christmas Stockings they purchased from us last year. (present wrapping was shoved aside to do a happy dance and down a gin) She’s not only my favourite Spice Girl she’s a totally idol of mine…What a way to finish the year! We’ve had more orders than ever before, more wonderful customers (not just spice girls) and more fun, Thank you for your endless support friends, you make it possible…..

So how many Hats??!

2018 brought…..

29 Countries Shipped to

3826 Orders out the door

4794 Individual Items Sold

1326 Santa Hats being worn (one way or another - big, small, ready made and/or kits)

2337 Knitters knitting - (Knit Kits, Patterns & Needles sold)

245 Christmas Stockings/Sacks full of gifts

116 People kept cosy with Blankets

Best Selling items - Etsy: Santa Hat, NOTHS: Santa Hat Tree Topper, Website: Build your Brand Toolkit! (Closely followed by the Cardigan Kit)

Overall Best Selling Product: Santa Hat Tree Topper

51,000 followers on Instagram

10 Incredible Helpers

1 Spice Girl customer (again)

1 TV appearance

1 New Studio

1 You - Thank you for sticking around. Without you none of these numbers would be possible and not only do they bring me the joy of accomplishment, they pay the mortgage and they allow me to do the thing I LOVE for a living, plus they keep Harry in Bowties….. (new strap-line for 2019?: ‘Think of the dog; Buy the knit kit’)

Harry in his  Distinguished Dog Co  Bowtie

Harry in his Distinguished Dog Co Bowtie

Thank you

It’s been incredible and I can’t thank you enough for your support, comments, messages, emails (especially the polite and friendly ones :P) I’m so grateful to you and can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2019! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my loves, Thank you again xxx

L x