The Secret Project Giveaway

You may have seen earlier this week that I'm running a giveaway, It's a bit of a cryptic one as part of the prize is unknown at the moment (who doesn't love a bit of mystique?!) 

If you missed it here's the low down and a few clues - I've been working on a 'Secret Project' for quite a few months with another company and I've now been given the green light to announce it (yay! I'm rubbish at secrets!) To make it more interesting I thought we'd do a giveaway and play the guessing game - I'm dishing out clues this week as to what it might be and all the correct guesses will go into a hat.

The image above is the first clue and the winner gets 1x pair of these gloves (pompom colour of their choice) and 1x Whatever 'the secret project' is. I also advised thinking outside of the box rather than just taking it literally. 

More hints will be coming this week but todays clue is that lots of different yarns were used for this project, here's a peak ...

I can also tell you that it has been guessed correctly already! There's some brilliant guesses and great ideas coming in (You're genuinely helping me with product development, I'm going to have to do this more often!) 

To enter simply comment on the original Facebook or Instagram posts with your guess and tag a friend to have a bash too. You can have as many guesses as you like as long as they're all different. 

The Giveaway closes on Monday when I announce what it is and who the winner is. I can't wait to hear your guesses!

Best of luck :D 

L x 

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