Toolkit Launch - Defining Your Brand

Hello out There!

Following on from last week (where we discussed the hows and why’s of Helen from The Creative Business Network and I joining forces to bring you business advice, consultations and toolkits) I’m so excited that this week brings you the first toolkit in this series - Defining Your Brand (OHMYGAAAD!) And because it’s the launch we’re doing an introductory price at over 20% off making it a wee £3.85 (likely the cheapest thing you’ll ever find on my website and probably the most valuable paha) I’ve put a button below incase you’re already sold on the idea and want to wiz over and grab a copy ;) if not I have plenty more info for you coming up….

LADCBNdefine your brand

Defining Your Brand

It’s so important that as a brand you know exactly who you are. We often skip this step and start out with some ideas and a business plan and just see what happens - that’s totally fine and really nice to watch something happen organically but once you have clarity around your brand and you know what you stand for and what your key messages are, not only does this MASSIVELY help your audience to get it, it also helps you be so much more productive. This is why we knew that the first toolkit in the series had to be ‘Defining Your Brand’

So what’s the deal?

Well, the toolkit is available as a downloadable PDF for £5 (and initial at the introductory price of £3.85…. why £3.85 you ask? Because; Why not?). You can print it off or use a notebook to work from. The toolkit has heaps of information to explain why each step is important, it has guidance for start ups and existing businesses, followed by prompts, exercises, questions and tasks. Each step is designed to make you delve into your brand as it is, consider where you want it to go and what you want it to represent and then to cement how you carry this forward.  


Decisions Decisions

My favourite thing about understanding my brand other than the obvious (that it’s my USP, that my customers and audience find it clear, that it helps me take pictures etc) is that it helps me make decisions. I couldn’t tell you what I want to eat for dinner tonight or what I want to wear tomorrow but if you asked me a question about my business it’s likely I could answer you pretty quickly with a firm choice.

I know my business inside out but writing this toolkit and doing it myself has honestly given me even more understanding which is why I’m going all out sales girl. I truly believe it will be helpful so many other small businesses. Because of this clarity in my brand, if a platform asked me to sign up I’d know immediately if it was a good fit, if I had to choose a colour scheme for new branding I’d have a pallet at the ready. When I develop packaging for new products I know what I need ….It’s not neccessarily about having an immediate idea in mind but when i’m researching I understand what will and won’t work and it helps the whole process. Helen quickly know’s which clients she can help and which wouldn’t match well, she knows if she hosts an event (like Creatival tomorrow) the type of people she wants to speak at it to compliment her brand and best value her customer base and after a bit of searching she can easily see which decorations fit with the brand and day and event…and which would look out of place. It may only be decorations but it’s all part of a cohesive brand experience 

Having this clarity in what your brand is all about basically ingrains itself into you and you quickly develop a sense of what will and won’t work for it, as mentioned it’s not going to make you physic and suddenly you have all the answers but it makes the answers seem so much more obvious when you do see them. It makes you more productive and proactive and we all know, that’s the bloody business life goal!

Define your Brand

There you have it

We are so nervous about this as we really believe in this toolkit and hope you find it useful. If you do get the toolkit we would LOVE to hear your feedback! We can’t wait to do more so feel free to let us know if there’s something you want a toolkit on!



If you’re coming to Creatival tomorrow (Thursday 20th September) then the toolkit will be included in your goodie bag as part of the event so no need to purchase it! 

thank you!!

Take care team, I’m off to practice my talk for Creatival tomorrow (wish me luck!) Hope to see you there

L x