We're Moving, Fancy a Sale?

Well hello! 

How are you? Hope you had lovely valentines and Galentines day's yesterday.

I know it's a cliche but seriously, how is it Mid February already? You may remember me talking about the many 'secret projects' I had going on a few weeks ago, well the big one is still under wraps but I can finally be reveal something... Granted, I don't have much mystique left having given it all away in the title and the giant picture below but i'll try my hardest to build the tension - Drum roll please - After months of organisational agony and more recently 5 days and counting of full on panic, stress and hard liquor we are due to exchange on a house any day now and hoping to move next week (!) 

It is very exciting as the reason for the move is to upsize so that I can have more room for knitting, space for stock and a whole room for packing orders <3 (every girls dream right?!) The only thing is that plans for knitting and delivery times are a little up in the air as it all got rather complicated and we're also going on our belated honeymoon on the 2nd March (and still aren't entirely sure the move will be next week - *cue sleepless nights of panic, frantic emails to solicitors and minor daily break downs*) but basically I'm hoping that all current orders will be out before the move unless i've already told you otherwise. Orders from today onwards will be given a 4-5 week delivery time i'm afraid but I will do everything I can to speed them up.


The good news for you is that I can't bear to pack everything, move it and then unpack it so I'm going to have another flash sale to try and get as much as possible out the door (especially since I promised the moving company that I wouldn't have as much wool when they turn up with their van) There will be a real mixture of things including Ex-display blankets, plenty of wool in different colours, cushions, maybe a footstool or two, off cuts for the weavers out there and I believe a pair of slightly dented knitting needles. My plan is to set up just 1 listing with everything on it and then on Friday morning at 10am set it live and hope for the best.  

I still need to attempt to organise it all so not entirely sure of the discounts yet but I think it's safe to say up to 50% off on some items and as always, free posting on UK orders. 

I hope to see you on Friday morning for a bit of sale fun! Now I best get back to limbo and make plan C, D & E just incase! ;)

Speak soon,

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