When a blanket goes viral...

Oh Crikey!

Again, I want to start with a HUGE thank you! The reaction to my post last week was amazing, I'm completely overwhelmed and thrilled that so many of us are on the same page <3 Incredibly, it's been my most read blog post ever, which is unbelievable. Although I know that it’s not all about the numbers, what they do seem to do is highlight just how prevalent and heartbreaking this issue is to so many wonderful small businesses. I'm so grateful that I have this little corner of the internet to share my thoughts with you and I'm honoured that so many of you agree. I can't thank you enough for your support. One thing I've learnt is that none of us are alone in getting these emails so the next time one pings into my inbox (and a few already have since I posted haha!) I'll think of all of you and we'll face palm in unison! 


Exciting business this week

Now back to the blog at hand, I've been dying to tell you about this for weeks and I'm SO happy that the day's eventually arrived! I've finally collaborated with Olivia from Lust Living for a bit of a special occasion and we're delighted to bring you beautiful new images from Lust Living HQ (aka Liv's pretty house) and a cheeky discount code to celebrate!


Happy Birthday Olivia

To explain, today is Olivia's Birthday (Happy Birthday Liv!) This means that a year ago today our friendship was unknowingly forged when she was gifted one of my Yarnscombe Blankets by her lovely boyfriend Matt (Thank you Matt!) and a month later she revealed her amazing Scandinavian Inspired Bedroom, featuring that blanket and (as I'm sure you're fed up of hearing!) it went bonkers.


What's happening now?

So now here we are a year later, with me constantly harassing her, asking where I should hang pictures, what I should do 'in this corner' and oh, does she have any recommendations for X,Y&Z? Basically, she's a total dreamboat with wonderful style and I'm so thrilled that our interior paths crossed. It could have been fleeting but because of her outrageously good style and incredible prowess behind a camera, we were held together by sheer shock and awe, giving us time to get to know each other and develop the hilarious friendship we have today.

Olivia's viral image and my fluffy blanket generated so much love, we couldn't let the moment (or month) pass without acknowledging this crazy time that brought us together and (I don't think it's exaggerating to say...) changed our lives a bit.  So we put our heads together and decided to join forces in another, magical (we hope) collaboration. With more of Liv's beautiful pictures and another one of my big blankets...cuz that's kinda our thing now. 


Why that's good for you..

Here's a teeny taster of what we have for you, you can see loads more on Lust Living where Olivia's post went live this morning and you'll also find a cheeky discount code over there too that's valid for a whole month while we celebrate our mega love and magical anniversary. I hope you enjoy it!

Birthday Girl Olivia with her new Oyster blanket

Birthday Girl Olivia with her new Oyster blanket


Thanks for reading buddy

Please do head over to Lust Living to hear Liv's side of this love affair, be truly inspired by her genius and enjoy a discount code on us.

Thank you for stopping by! Take care, 

L x


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