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Using 2 ends of Mini Mohair Yarn

We have a number of knitting patterns that use 2 (or more) strands of Mini Mohair yarn. This is a quick video to show you how to find both ends in one ball so that you don’t need multiple balls on the go at once. Repeat as many times as you need, i.e. if a […]

Make One

  To ‘Make’ a stitch is a simple technique: Pick up the bar between 2 stitches Place it on the left hand needle Then knit into the back of it (just like you’d normally knit a stitch but instead of inserting your needle in the front of it, insert it through the back – this […]

Casting Off

Casting off   Once you’ve finished knitting you need to cast off. Casting off is just finishing your knitting, it means you can take it off the needles without it unravelling. Just like casting on, there are a few ways to do it but I’m just going to show you my fave. This way of […]

Knit in Front & Back of Stitch

KFB is a way of increasing your stitches which is used in lots of patterns to shape your knitting. It’s a nice easy technique: 1. When you reach the stitch you need to increase: knit the stitch as normal but do not drop it off the left hand needle. 2. Keeping that stitch on the […]

Casting On

Casting on   Casting on basically means creating your stitches so that you can start knitting them – kind of like the foundation of knitting. There are a few different ways to cast on but I’m only going to show you one to keep it simple. This way is my favourite because it’s really similar […]


Blocking is a term that is used in knitting which means to ‘finish’ your knitted item by wetting it to help retain its correct size and shape and to even out stitches. Most yarns can be blocked using steam or water, but all are different so it is best to check beforehand. Blocking your LAD […]

Mattress Stitch

You’re essentially mimicking the shape of the knitted stitches so it blends in. There’s not really an easy way to write about it but I’ve made some basic videos, they aren’t fancy but I hope they’ll help… (let’s not talk about my terrible nail polish in the side seam video! Top Tip: never buy mushroom […]

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