A Brief introduction  to anyone I'm yet to meet; I knit from my studio in Devon. I drink far too much tea & eat way too much junk food. I'm besotted with my Cockapoo Harry who's three years old. A few years ago I married my husband Alex after 10 years of getting to know each other & I started my business 4 years ago having moved to Devon when Alex was offered a job at the airport & the rest is history...

A bit about my work - I use 100% Merino Wool which has to be the greatest material ever. Colour is everything, whether it's fabulous brights or fine neutrals, each one is effervescent in it's own way. I mainly make soft furnishings (particularly blankets) but like to branch out a bit too. Everything is hand knit on giant needles, then hand processed to help with quality and lifespan. I also have a growing DIY section for anyone who wants to have a bash themselves!

*and exhale* If you'd like to know more then there's plenty more waffle on the About page and in my Blog, Happy exploring!