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*Seconds Sale* Jumbo Santa Hat


Top off your look this Christmas with the ultimate knitted jumbo Santa Hat.

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*Seconds* Jumbo Santa Hat

Hand-knit with a white rim, ruby red triangular shaping and finished with a big fluffy hand-cut pom-pom.

Perfect for the work Christmas party, Christmas Dinner or just as a decoration around the house – this jumbo santa hat even looks great on a bedpost, banister/newel post or with a little stuffing inside just sitting on the coffee table or sideboard.

Seconds info

Please note that these items are slightly used or faulty and not up to our normal standard, which is why they haven’t been sent out as regular orders, but this is reflected in the price. All items in our sample & seconds sale are not returnable or refundable. These Santa hats come in all sorts of sizes due to the hand knit nature but some are super long and big – please let us know if you have any preference.


Approx 55-65cm circumference (approx 58cm high with pompom) but because these are seconds the sizes differ more.


100% Merino wool

Spot clean any spills & dry clean when necessary.


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions25.0 cm
Yarn Colour


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