Giant Yarn

Giant Yarn

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Gorgeously soft unspun Merino wool in it's largest form, this giant Merino wool yarn is perfect for all sorts of chunky knitting projects.

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Giant Yarn

Merino wool is amazing to work with, it dyes really well so is available in a huge range of colours, it's a luxuriously soft wool that is beautiful on the skin, and it's a warm, natural fiber that retains heat whilst still remaining breathable (hence I can still knit in Summer without overheating!) It comes with a higher price tag than some other wools but is completely worth it.

You can get up to 10kg of wool to create a giant blanket, simply select the amount you'd like (using the below calculations) 'Add to cart' then select the colour you'd like before checking out.


How Many kg:

As a number of factors can effect the size of a finished piece of knitting please note that all the following calculations are approximate and are only intended as a guide. The following calculations are based on knitting with the Giant Knitting Needles also available on the site  - 1kg of this wool will knit up to around 0.5 square metres therefore - 

1kg = approx 50cm x 50cm blanket 

2kg = approx 100cm x 100cm blanket

3kg = approx 150cm x 100cm blanket 

4kg = approx 150cm x 130cm blanket 

5kg = approx 160cm x 155cm blanket etc etc 

If you order more than one kg of wool, whenever possible they will come altogether as one big ball but is not guaranteed.


Colours Available:

Natural White, Oyster, Buttermilk, Soft Peach, Mink Blush, Pewter Brown, Candyfloss, Rose, Bright Pink, Crimson, Scarlet, Ruby Red, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Coral, Lilac, Amethyst, Damson, Aubergine, Shadow, Midnight, School Blue, Denim, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Teal, Baby Blue, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Granite, Charcoal, Mint, Lime Green, Laburnum, Mustard, Olive, Forest, Jungle, Moss. 

If you'd like to see a sample colour before ordering a blanket you can order one here - (the cost of the sample will be refunded if you then place an order within a month)

Giant 40mm Knitting Needles
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Lead times of the colours varies as I don't have the space to store all the wool all the time, so occasionally run out of some colours. I aim to never make you wait more than 2 weeks for your wool. The colours I generally never run out of are Natural white, Blush, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Mustard and Bright Pink as I use them so frequently myself. If you are desperate please get in touch first and I can check stock for you. If you can't see the colour you want just get in touch and I'm sure I can get it for you.


Things to remember:

Processing the wool - I process each item after i've knit it to improve the quality and lifespan, please note that purchasing the wool on it's own does NOT include the instructions on how to do this. They are only available in the Knit Kit's which include needles, wool, blanket patterns and instructions.

I try to keep the wool in one big ball but occasionally it arrives split so may not be a continuous length. If this is the case you can either tie them together at the end of a row or if you're midway through a row simply pull away some of the wool at each end to thin it then lay them over one another and rub them together a little so they bond then continue with caution until you've knit them both. 


I now have a Facebook group for those of you who have purchased from me, so please do come and show me what you're knitting!