Knitting Pattern - Mini Stocking Garland

Knitting Pattern - Mini Stocking Garland


Knit up as many mini stockings as you like with this handy downloadable pattern!

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An easy to follow pattern for you to enjoy knitting these adorable miniature stockings - join them up to make a garland, use them to hang on your tree or even use them as gift tags, the choices are endless! Bask in the joy of your knitting genius while making presents for loved ones or gorgeous festive decorations for your home.

The pattern is yours to keep once downloaded so you can make as many mini stockings as you like. Perfect for use with your super chunky yarn…



Instant Download PDF (Via Email)

Skill Level:



approx. 15-20 mins per stocking


Knit, Purl,some basic shaping + ‘pick up and knit’ (all explained on the pattern)

Finished Size:

Each stocking is approx. 13cm long and 6.5-9cm wide (depending on area measured)

You Will Need:

200g hank Super Chunky Yarn by Lauren Aston Designs

Pattern & instructions

Tapestry needle

10mm needles

**This pattern is also available as a knit kit with all the ingredients you need, plus add on embellishment or personalisation kits: