One Off Subscription Box

One Off Subscription Box

from 30.00

For those who missed a box of the yarn subscriptions, here’s a way to catch up.

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Catch Up Box

This listing is for anyone who missed out on a box from the Yarn Subscription and want to grab it now before the next box is despatched. It is for the most recent box despatched and includes one box of yarn (colours and hanks depend on your choice) and not an ongoing subscription and does not include any additional ‘Treats’ from other small businesses….

Please see the original listing for the Subscription boxes (buttons below) for all the information about the boxes, yarn etc. and sign up for any future, ongoing subscriptions via those listings….

More info:

If you missed out on the previous box and want to snag it before the next box leaves then simply choose the box you wanted: Seasonal or Surprise and then the number of hanks you want and place your one off order. To continue a subscription for yarn boxes please sign up via the buttons above.

The one off boxes do not include any other treats (our subscription boxes often contain treats sent from other small businesses! The one-off boxes are of course still packed full of your lovely yarn though!)

The Seasonal Box

The Seasonal Box includes 3-5 colours (depending on how many hanks you choose) as shown in the first image, please see the original Seasonal Subscription listing for further info.

The Surprise Box

The Surprise Box includes 2-5 hanks of yarn (depending on how many you choose) which will all be the same surprise colour. Please see the original Surprise Subscription listing for further info.


Seasonal Yarn Subscription Box
from 40.00 every 3 months
Amount of Hanks:
Surprise Yarn Subscription Box
from 28.00 every 2 months
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