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Lauren's Top Valentine's Picks

OK so I’m going to be honest and admit that I am NOT a huge fan of Valentines Day… in fact, I think it’s a bullshit day that for years has been about making single people feel inferior and as we all know it’s based entirely on consumerism. HOWEVER I am a sucker for a red and pink colour combination and I’ll never turn down an opportunity to celebrate the people I love…albeit, I don’t think this should be reserved for one single day of the year and a helium balloon. I think it should be every damn day.

So here’s my proposal… let’s love the love, let’s dress head to toe in pink, red and hearts (if that’s your vibe)… and let’s not reserve it for February 14th. I’m now going to shamelessly use Valentines Day as an excuse to share my favourite and most ‘Valentines appropriate’ knits here and I hope we can enjoy them year round.

…And for those of you who LOVE Valentines Day (absolutely no shade to you my darlings, I fully support anything that brings you joy!) Here are some very on theme knits for your special day in Feb…


Je T'aime Jumper

You can't NOT feel the love in this one. It's totally over the top and that's why I LOVE it. Frilly cuffs, hearts and love are what this knitted jumper are all about!


Bobble Bomber

The Perfect date-night cardigan for the whole year, dress it up or down but whatever you do... make it in pink. Chunky Knit and bobbles are always the answer!

heart snood 1

Queen of Hearts Snood

A new release for us that I can't get enough of. I want it in so many colour ways and you just know it'll brighten up a gloomy day! Who doesn't love a cosy snood with hearts all over it?

weekend sweater pink new 6
weekend sweater pink new 2

The Weekend Sweater

Designed for days in and snuggling up, this collared jumper looks it's best made in pink stripes if you ask me! Knitted in the round with no sewing up it's a fast knit that makes an impact!

Super Squish Cardigan 8

The Super Squish Cardigan

This knit is the words 'HUG ME' in cardigan form! Using faux Fishermans Rib this oversized cardigan is super cosy and way too cute.


Purlfect Vest Top

This mini mohair knitted vest is such a romantic pattern. From its delicate yarn to the subtle pattern it's made with. Throw it on over dresses or with jeans, it's sure to make any outfit sing


Frill Seeker Camisole

My favourite camisole of all, the frill seeker is IDEAL for jazzing up any outfit! I've thrown it on over all sorts before and it never fails to make me look chic(er than I have a right to.) Made using Mini Mohair, it's the perfect Valentines attire.

pink fika 6
pink fika 4

Limited Edition Valentines Fika

I cannot get enough of this one. Here for a limited time only then once it's gone... it's gone (nooo!) This dreamy pink version of our best selling colourwork sweater need to get in my wardrobe ASAP.

Worked in the round so no sewing up, you can whip it up super quickly and even better than that... the colourwork is WAY easier that it looks!! You don't need to have any experience with colourwork to be able to nail this one, I promise!


Wool Boobs T-shirt

Our Wool Boobs t-shirt is a fabulous night in staple piece for Valentines and beyond. A Collaboration with Rock on Ruby it always brings a smile to my face. We'll call it Cheeky-casual.


Colour pop hat

If your date night involves any time out the house then you'll be in dire need of a good hat. We have a number of hat designs that would all suit but I'm sticking with the colour pop hat for now as I can't get over the colour combo of Candyfloss and Scarlet.


Shake Ya Pompoms Jumper

Should you be looking for a *statement knit* (and why wouldn't you?!) then look no further than the Shake Ya Pompoms chunky knit jumper! A really quick and easy knit that is totally made by the addition of pompoms to either the whole body or just the sleeves.

Cinema date, dinner, night in - the pompom jumper has you covered lover!


Feel the Love garland

I'm just going to sneak in a few little gifty/decor ideas because while it's important that we always wear the most fabulous knits, we sometimes need to knock up a few simple knitted hearts to share the love.


Clean as a Whistle Bath Mat

This one might take you a bit longer but it'll be worth it... Not all our knitted cotton bathmats say 'naked' but our favourite ones do! If you're looking for a gift this February then I'd say look no further friend! ;)


Terrific Tits

Finally, if you're in need of a cute and fruity project or gift then our Terrific Tit 'booby pompoms' are ideal. Keep yourselves entertained and have a laugh by making a set of these bad lads.

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