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Taking care of your merino wool purchases is very important. Every item made by Lauren Aston Designs is handcrafted and made from un-spun wool that has been hand-processed to make it as durable as possible but just as with clothing, the more you use it the quicker it will show the effects of wear and tear. It’s best you purchase any product with this in mind. When looked after and cared for properly, these items can have long lifetimes but when care is neglected and usage is high it can have a wearing effect.


Every piece is decorative therefore, as with all woollen products, pilling may occur with heavy use. Pilling is not a defect, it’s simply a natural result of friction. The fibres in un-spun wool are effectively just placed together and so the more we touch them the more likely they are to come loose and roll into small balls that sit on the surface (pills). The good news is, if you’re not fond of the pills, they’re very easy to remove. The best thing to do is to gently tease each pill away with your fingers and then stroke the stitch down so you don’t have any fly aways (it’s a good job to do in front of the telly and can be strangely satisfying).


All the items I make are partly felted to reduce this as much as possible yet without loosing the softness of the wool. Not only does this help their lifespan but it also starts the felting process – With more friction the fibres will felt together, locking them in place making them less likely to pill.


Merino wool is stain and water resistant so when it comes to splashes and drops of tea they are relatively easy to maintain. It’s always best to spot clean any spills by blotting with cold water and dry clean only when necessary. Don’t be afraid to give it a good shake or plumping to re-shape it. Merino is a wonderfully tactile and elastic fabric that adjusts very well.

Most importantly, Enjoy!