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About Lauren & the LADs

We do chunky knitting and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Thanks for dropping by

I’m Lauren, the one holding the needles and basking in a room full of knitting. In the interests of getting to know each other, some quick fire things I love include – High waisted skirts, Harry Potter, tea & biscuits, staying in and colour coding things.

I imagine you’re here to learn a little more about me but I’ll try not to bore you with too many details (that’s what the blog is for).

I live in Devon with my Husband Alex, our delicious Bebe Livi and bonkers Cockapoo Harry .

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 11. I wish I could say it was love at first attempt but that would be a fib - it took a few more years hard work and a degree in Knitwear to really appreciate it.

I now work with a small team (AKA The LAD's) based in beautiful Devon together we do all the knitting, packing and admin. I spend my days* hand knitting and pinching myself to confirm that I actually get to do this as a job!

*Most of my days, some are of course spent pulling my hair out doing admin & trying to find VAT receipts... those days feel very real.
“My favourite project is a quick one you can do in front of the telly”

I imagine you know by now but just in case – I create super chunky goodies; soft furnishings, knitwear and Christmas pieces as well as selling all the kit so you can have a bash yourself.  I love the tactility of making something so big and cosy and always wanted to hand knit but knew I needed to do it quite quickly, so using chunky yarn seemed a great solution to that.

We now use and sell a huge range of yarn from giant to mini all with the same exceptional quality and we design patterns for all of them so you can create LAD projects with every yarn.

Each of my products is designed with both style and comfort in mind. I love to create statement knits that bring a luxurious WOW factor into people homes and wardrobes.

Our aim is to use the classic art of knitting with up to date, stylish design to suit creative and modern folks all over the world.

Please do have a browse & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or just fancy a chat.
Lauren x

Meet my tight knit team...

Without my incredible LADs, our knitting studio would probably just be me, sat on my deck with Harry and thinking of smutty knitting puns to post on Instagram. 


Queen of LAD


Business Manager

Helen is our Captain of Multitasking & Chief Operations Manager; She’s in charge of customer communications (if you’ve ever messages or been on our facebook group you’ll have come across our babe Helen.) She does a huge portion of our LADmin from product listings to marketing emails and fills our days with frivolity and joy.


Content Creator

Chloe is our Top Photographer & Connoisseur of Photoshop: she does basically all of our photography and graphic design work, she now mainly works remotely (although we LOVE when she visits the studio!) Essentially, she makes us look bladdy great. She’s is considerate and fun and a style goddess!


Studio Manager

Sally is our Director of Everything Woollen & Head pompom maker; She’s in charge of our studio from orders to organisation. The fact that Sally owns a laminator tells you basically everything you need to know. She is reliable and kind and while she’d deny it, she’s definitely the naughty one!


Studio Assistant

Claire is our Lead Enabler & Main Getter-Doner; She is a fantastic whirlwind of a woman whipping round the studio, making multitasking look easy. Claire can be found packing orders on LADmin, wrapping needles or winding hundreds of balls of yarn. She’s the sunshine, if the sunshine laughed out loud.



Charlotte is our Head of Buzz and LADmin Sorceress; She’s in charge of our LAD social media accounts and also works hard behind the grams, helping us to update all our knitting patterns. Charlotte is a burst of energy that somehow manages to keep track of what on earth we’re doing and transform that into content that our community can understand. What a woman.


Studio Assistant

Emily joined us in 2023 once we opened the shop and needed someone bright and bubbly to help us on a Saturday. She’s invaluable at supporting the team and always has a smile for the customers. Despite being a crocheter and not a knitter (although she’s learning!) she is as big a yarn addict as the rest of us!


Top Model

Harry is our top model, but don’t worry – he’s paid better than I am (the £ to Treats conversion rate is ridiculous since Brexit) He’s also a stickler for employee regulations so helps ensure I have a break every 20 minutes to walk, feed or play with him. He generally keeps up morale by being a total dreamboat and although he spends about 50% of his day licking his own bum, we love him dearly and LAD genuinely wouldn’t be the same without him.

Now for more Harry.

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