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LAD joins Ribblr!

Helen Rose
3 March 2021

Hello LAD's!

I hope you’ve all had a good couple of weeks – the talk of things starting to return to ‘normal’ seems to have hit us all in different ways. I certainly hope you’re coping okay with both the anxiety and excitement of it all. We’re here for any knitting or self-care support you may need…

In the meantime we’ve got a little bit of a different blog for you today, and it’s all about a new interactive pattern site called Ribblr which we’ve just joined!

What is Ribblr?

Ribblr is a brand new UK-based pattern site which covers Crochet, Knitting, Tunisian and Sewing. It’s a fully interactive site which has loads of brilliant features, that regular crafters will appreciate.

LAD is already on Ravelry with our knitting patterns but have now joined Ribblr as when we first got introduced to it before Christmas we could see how much potential it has!

On Ribblr, just like any other site, you are able to buy and download the patterns as ‘e-patterns’. But once you have these patterns, you can interactive with them in so many different ways. The platform allows you to track your progress, use smart sizing feature to just view the pattern in your chosen size, click on abbreviations to watch ‘how-to’ videos, follow on your mobile using the free app, and loads more including: Doodle mode,  interactive charts, inches-cm converter, built-in counter and accessibility tools. 

Not only do I work with Lauren, I am a ‘crafter’ too – that is, I knit, crochet and I sew. I love finding new patterns and I love challenges of new designs and new stitches. However, I’m constantly jumping from my pattern to youtube/LAD knitting knowledge trying to remember the stitch I need to do. I forget where I am on my pattern, I get confused with which size I’m supposed to be following – all of it! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to see the benefits of being able to follow a fully interactive pattern. 

Ribblr is also great for us here at LAD because it opens us up to a completely new market and I’m really excited about that. As a maker, it’s one of those websites that when you see it, you do wonder why pattern sites haven’t done it this way before now! It makes a lot of sense and I really think it’s going to make crafting that much easier for us all.

LAD Patterns on Ribblr

We’ve started our Ribblr journey with just 10 patterns (and full transparency – we aren’t paying any fees on these until April as part of our cross promotion with Ribblr) but I know we will be uploading more as we get more familiar with the platform. 

We’ve put out most popular patterns on there so hopefully more people can discover us here at LAD and join our community as well as the Ribblr community. And I can’t wait to discover other patterns and designers over there too!

Some of our patterns are a little trickier than others depending on the skill level (hello row 17 of our rainbow jumper!) but as you’ll be able to watch the videos as you go along, it will make it all that much easier. You’ll be able to attempt patterns you never thought you’d be able to do – me, for example, I’ve still never done a cable knit and if I’m honest it scares me stupid!! So maybe even I’ll give that a go…

Still want to know more?

If you’re still curious (or I haven’t explained it nearly well enough 🙈 ) then have a read of Ribblr’s about page or watch this promo video by @ninaknittedthis 👇

I’ve got a feeling there will be a lot of you out there who are pretty excited by the prospect of not only a brand new crafting site, but access to loads of new patterns and a crafting community too! I’m looking forward to seeing how Ribblr grows and can’t wait for LAD to be part of that.

See you over there?!

Helen xx

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