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How we package your orders (with love, yarn puns & stickers!)

Helen Rose
17 February 2021

Hello lovelies!

This week’s blog is all about how we package your orders, but before I start, I just want to celebrate the most beautiful little package which arrived last Monday…

Lauren & Alex welcomed their baby girl into the world on the 8th Feb and we are beyond thrilled for them! Isn’t she the cutest??!

To be honest, I would probably be happy sharing a ton of baby photos on this blog post, as I just can’t stop staring at those little cheeks, but let’s get back to the actual reason I’m here….

Brown Paper Packages tied up with string...

Or, LAD bags filled to the brim with super soft merino yarn? Either way, they are a few of our favourite things, and we’ve not really shared our gift ready packaging in a blog post for you yet, so now’s the time!

Firstly, because we’ve got some new LAD bag designs which we’ve just added to the shop today, and secondly, because Chloe did an unboxing for us, to show you what to expect when you order a kit from us 💖

So, what's in the box?!

I’m not sure about you, but here at LAD we’re pretty obsessed with our stickers – any kind of knitting or yarn puns, we are HERE FOR THEM and any good ideas get put on a sticker! We want our post to be happy post, and we want to bring a smile to anyone’s face when they order from us. We’ve always placed a high value when we package your orders, because in these days of half empty Amazon boxes, your post should be special.

So – stickers are a go. Obvs. And postcards. Any excuse for Lauren to pretend jumbo yarn is a pair of boobs, take a photo and get it printed for our customers to enjoy 😜

Sally handwrites every single card to personalise your order even more (this has always been a feature of LAD since the early days of Lauren working on her own, and she has always stood firm in that this should never be compromised, despite how busy or big we get) Personal touches are the foundation of LAD and we never want to lose that. 

And then tissue paper in the most glorious of colours (yep, we have quite the collection of shades), gently enveloping one of our specially designed LAD bags. 

If you order a kit from us, this is what it comes in. We have two different sizes, depending on how much yarn you’ve got in your kit, but both sizes are eco cotton drawstring bags, perfect for keeping your project safe while you’re knitting and then ideal for a plethora of things once you’re finished!! 

Your bag will come with a kit label, and will hold your yarn, pattern (if you selected hard copy at checkout*), needles if ordered, and any additions that the kit needs.

New Bag Designs

This is the third design of LAD bags we’ve created (thanks to Chloe!) and you can find them all here to buy individually if you want to build up your collection!

Gift Ready Knit Kits

When you are buying a kit from us, it can sometimes feel as if it is more expensive to buy a kit rather than the individual elements – and in the case of some of our smaller kits this can be the case. But there are always perks to buying a kit…

  1. You get a LAD bag included
  2. *You have the option of a paper copy of the pattern instead of just a download (we also provide downloads with all out kits)
  3. Knitting needles are reduced when buying as part of a kit
  4. Tapestry needles are free as part of a kit

Our aim is to provide the kits ‘gift-ready’ which means that you can give them as they are without needing to re-wrap them. For brand new knitters who have just found us, this is the perfect way to purchase from LAD. Once you’ve become more of a regular customer it will of course make more sense to buy our yarn or patterns individually, and we are hoping that if, with our packaging, you fall in love with LAD, you’ll keep coming back over and over again.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our packaging, and how we package your orders. We prioritise;

  1. As little waste as possible
  2. Personalisation
  3. The joy of receiving
  4. Putting a smile on your face when you open your parcel 🌞

If you have any ideas on ways we could improve further, we’re open to suggestions! We truly hope you love the thought and care put into each and every order we get – after all we’d be nothing without you 😘

And on that note – how about another baby pic before I go?!

See you next time! Hope you’re all doing okay,


Helen x

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