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LAD Pattern Club

Lauren Aston
25 March 2020

Hello lovelies

Exciting things this week!

We’re going to ignore the current SITUATION and just talk about lovely knitty things, deal?! We’ve been working on a new project that some of you asked for and today it’s gone live (YAY!) so allow me to introduce you to the LAD Pattern Club *Cue the party poppers!* 

We have 2 new options for buying your LAD patterns in bulk. Both options let you choose from our entire pattern library and mean you can stock up and save money.

You can grab a one off bundle with 2, 4 or 10 patterns or...

Subscribe to our monthly club, spread them out and get 2 or 4 patterns a month.

LAD Pattern Bundles

Our bundles are perfect for times when you want to bust your yarn stash. Imagine if you were stuck in a really shit movie and the government were like ‘you need to stay in the house for 3 weeks minimum to keep everyone safe’…. I know I know, it’s just not realistic but pretend for a moment that happened, you’d deffo want to grab a bunch of patterns and work through your anxiety with some knitting. 

You save a fortune when you buy the bundle of 10 in particular and you don’t have to choose them all at once, you can grab a few now, a few later and a few when new patterns are released. Win win win! 

It’s also important to say that you get to choose which patterns you get each time. (YAS!)

LAD Pattern Sub Club

If you’d rather stagger your patterns out you can go for a LAD pattern Subscription. You choose from either 2 or 4 patterns a month and then each month (on the same date you originally subscribed) you’ll be able to get another 2/4 patterns to slowly build up your stock. 

This is a great solution for spreading costs out (even if you don’t knit much over the summer, you’ll have spread the cost out ready to hibernate in Autumn) it’s also great for our lovely LAD’s who want to stay in the loop but maybe don’t have time to knit 10 projects a month.

And again, the super exciting thing is that you can choose which patterns you get each time! (woopie!) I’ll explain more in a minute (for now, here’s a picture to break up this block of text so I can try and trick you into reading it 😉)…

Gimme Credit

Both options (the Bundles and Subscriptions) essentially work in the same way…  It’s basically a credit system so you’re effectively buying credits, they then sit in your account (they wont expire so there’s no urgent need to spend them all at once if you want to hold out for new patterns) and when you look at a pattern there’s a little button that says ‘download this pattern’ – you can click that button and it automatically downloads the pattern for you. The pattern will then live on your computer and in your LAD account – F.Y.I. it’s important to login to your account before you make a purchase for either the bundles or Sub so they can all link to your account 👌🏼

And I’m going to say it AGAIN for the cheap seats at the back… You get to choose which patterns you download. For both the bundles and subscription, you can spend your credits on old favourites or new projects as soon as they’re released.

Here’s a quick video:

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The reason we decided to work on these bundles is of course because of the horror film we were talking about earlier, so many of you got in touch to say you wanted to give your loved ones some patterns to keep them busy during this odd* time so of course you’re able to gift our pattern bundles. On the listing you’ll see the option to ‘Gift The LAD Pattern Club’ you can then send it like a gift card. 

The recipient needs to create/log into their account, add the Pattern Bundle to their cart & go through the checkout using the code from their gift card. They’ll then have the credits you’ve gifted them on their account ready to spend! 


Right then! I’ll stop hanging on about them and show you shall I?! …

I hope you’re safe, well and happy my loves,

Take care,


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