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LAD Studio Soundtrack

Lauren Aston
1 April 2020

Hello lovelies

A Mini Update...

Well HOLY COW – We are so busy in the studio. I cannot thank you enough. Your orders are keeping us going and we are honoured to play a part in your isolation activities! I’m keeping the ‘What you can expect from us‘ blog reasonable up to date… Thank you for bearing with us while we’re navigating working solo in the studio. 

Let's Dance

I don’t have much to say today so I’m hoping this will be a short amount of waffle and then you can spend more time dancing around  (who’s willing to bet this will be the longest post I’ve ever written now I’ve jinxed it!?)

I’ve been trying to really show up on IG lately because I feel like its super important right now to connect with people. I love the conversations it sparks and having a place to just be ridiculous and not thinking about the outside world. I’ve essentially neglected ‘The Grid’ and am investing a lot of time in Stories which is my favourite thing so it’s working for me.

The other day I posted a story with a Stevie Wonder song (‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’) and I did a poll to see if anyone was interested in this weeks blog being a studio playlist and incredibly it came back as 98% ‘YES to that!’ (which was 48% higher than when I asked if I should buy some Deirdre Barlow glasses…I’m still contemplating them) So this week I bring you our Studio Bops. The soundtrack I listen to in the studio to keep me going when I’m lonely/tired/sad/ambivalent…  

What Genre?

It’s a real mixed bag of bops, there’s no rhyme or reason to any of them, they don’t make sense together they’re just all songs that make me want to get up and dance or sing because I ALWAYS feel better after giving it some to these songs. So I hope the Studio Soundtrack might help brighten your days should you need it….Happy Dancing pals! Here she blows!….

(Check me out using a fancy ‘code widget’ to get a playlist IN the blog heeeeey!)

Ta-rah for now!

I’ll speak to you soon pals, take care and thank you again!!! 

Stay Home & Stay Safe 

Lauren x

The Glasses...

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