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Meet Team LAD – Introducing Chloe

Helen Rose
15 September 2021

Hello loves!

How ARE you??! I wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing response to our British wool and our new Cosy Cable Cardi – we’re over the moon you love it as much as we do and I can’t wait to see your pictures of what you knit with the yarn. I’m planning a boatneck jumper next in the Shetland Grey, I think it will be perfect for this beautiful Autumn weather we’re having…

Anyway – onto this week’s blog and we’re back on our Team LAD series, this week we are introducing Chloe!

Meet Chloe

I remember we were at a point in the business that we were starting to struggle to keep on top of everything, but also because the three of us (Sally, Lauren & I) were so busy doing our own roles, we couldn’t expand the business in the way we wanted to because we didn’t have any more capacity within our own hours. So we decided to interview for another staff member. It was a big deal at the time because it wasn’t something we’d done before – and so with it being a brand new process we learnt a lot. 

Lauren and I interviewed some truly brilliant people but didn’t find someone who had all the skills we needed. Right at the last minute Chloe got in touch and we ended up interviewing her over Skype with really bad internet (🙈) and I think we knew straight away – then Lauren had a chat with her in Exeter and that was it.

We fell in love with her instantly and she’s been incredible in helping us grow the business in ways we didn’t even realise at the time. She’s bought everything we wanted, and more, to LAD.

How did you start working for LAD?

I had just taken the plunge and become a self employed photographer & graphic designer when I saw the job come up at LAD, it was originally for a studio assistant but it has definitely evolved from that.

I remember meeting Lauren to have a chat/interview at a cafe in Exeter and thinking she was so bloody cool, dripping in Chambers and Beau jewellery.

What do you remember from that time?

It was a bit of a strange time for me, I decided to move to Exeter from a village in North Devon because I thought there would be better job opportunities. But I ended up in a long distance relationship so was trying to juggle that and what I wanted for my career.

Being at the studio with the girls really kept me going, it gave me some stability when I didn’t really know what my plan was. Everyone is so caring and sensitive (to the point where if one person cries we are all crying!) but that’s what makes the team so special.

Favourite LAD Yarn?

Super Chunky Merino, but I loved the limited edition Chunky Mohair which was sadly discontinued.

What podcast or book are you reading/listening to right now?

Red Handed is my absolute favourite podcast, there was a time where I binged listened and ended up having a lot of nightmares. 1 episode a week is all I can handle now. Then of course Shagged Married Annoyed.

What would you like LAD to design next?

A jumper with a collar…

What are you looking forward to the most about the future of LAD?

A bigger studio!

In terms of personal goals for the brand, I would love to showcase the knitwear on a variety of different people and body shapes. At the moment it’s just Lauren and I because that what makes sense, but ultimately that would be the goal.

Chloe has helped grow LAD  beyond what we thought she’d be able to – she sorts out all our design work, the photos she takes are utterly divine and we have a knitwear model at our fingertips!

It’s been tough working remotely but we’ve got a system set up now that works – we send Chloe the knits, she’ll photograph them and format the patterns and all the labels and tags with the images, then sends all that off to be printed. We literally couldn’t cope without her now, and her styling is definitely a huge part of LAD’s appeal. 

We advertised for a studio assistant and got so much more 😍😍 

We love you Chloe!

See you next time LAD’s,

Helen xx

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