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New Giant Knit Blanket Patterns

Lauren Aston
24 June 2020

Hello Pals!

How are you? I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and not tooooo hot! In a strange twist of fate I’m going to talk about the hottest possible thing today…. Giant Knit Blankets! So let’s all sit in the shade with a ice cold drink and a fan directed at us and pretend we’re chilly enough to even *think* about big knitting. Deal?

New Patterns!

We’ve finally launched 5 new Giant Knit Blanket Patterns (I say 5, one of them is a bumper pack where you can make numerous blankets so technically 5 is an understatement) 

All made in Lauren Aston Designs Giant Yarn they’re super speedy to make, there’s a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns and they start at just 1.5kg of yarn (you can make most of them in bigger sizes if you wish though) Each pattern talks you through knitting the blanket and explains our ‘secret ingredient’ on how to process the blanket afterwards to help with lifespan and wear and tear.

Shall we have a quick look at them? Here’s what we’ve got…. 

(Click on any of the images below to visit the pattern listing and learn more) 

Basket Weave Blanket

- Uses just 1.5kg of Giant Yarn
- Knits up in a mere hour (!)
- Great for confident beginners as it only requires Knit and Purl Stitches.

Pompom Edge Blanket

- Uses less than 2kg of Giant Yarn
- Knitted and pompomed within 3 hours
- Great for beginners as it only requires Knit and Purl Stitches.

Ombre Blanket

- Uses just 1kg of Giant Yarn per colour
- Knits up in a few hours
- Great for confident beginners as it only requires Knit and Purl Stitches.

Cable Knit Blanket

- Uses just 3kg+ of Giant Yarn
- Knits up in around 3 hours
- An Advanced pattern that's worth using the cable needle for

Blanket Bundle Pattern

- Includes 4 different stitches
- Endless size options
- Fine for beginners as it only used basic knit and purl.
- Also available as a Knit Kit

Knit Kits & Yarn

Our Giant Blanket Knit Kit is the kit equivalent to the Blanket Bundle, you can make all the same size and stitch decisions but it also comes with Giant Knitting Needles and Giant Yarn. Alternatively you can buy them all separately, I’ll pop some links below should you want to browse….

Happy Knitting

That’s about all the excitement I can handle today so I’ll leave you there and hope you like our new recruits. If you’re subscribed to our LAD Pattern Club Subscription and have credits you can grab any of the new patterns on there. We’ll continue to work as fast as we can to keep bringing you new patterns! Do let us know if there’s any you want us to work on. Our ‘To Make’ list is always hideously long so I’m always happy to know what to prioritise! 

Take Care, 

Lauren x

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