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New LAD Bags Stitches!

Hi Gang!

Well – I can only apologise for last week, I essentially forgot what day it was because it was so busy and because Easter through me and each night I was planning on posting the blog and each night I totally forgot… until about Sunday when I called it a day and figured I’d just leave it until this week! 

As ever I just want to say an enormous THANK YOU for all your ongoing orders, but more than that, all of your lovely messages they are spurring us on and brightening our days, we may be working solo in the studio but we’re feeling the commu-knitty (omg so proud of myself) spirit more than ever!

Anyway, onto this week’s blog post, and it’s going to be a quickie (yes I know I say that every time ;p) because I’ve got some orders to pack! – so this week it’s all about our glorious new LAD Bags!


If you’ve ordered a knit kit from us before, you’ll know that they come stuffed into one of these bags, which are perfect for keeping your knitting all in one place. Once you’ve finished your knitting then the bags can be used for all sorts of things – store your accessories, toys, pants or use as a travel bag!

They are also available to buy on their own, and now thanks to the wonderful Chloe, we’ve got two new designs for you to choose from…

‘Purls of Wisdom’ is a small drawstring natural cotton bag which measures 30x25cm and is perfect for smaller kits, and ‘Stitches be crazy’ is our larger bag, again with drawstrings but it also has a gusset meaning it’s perfect for storing your bulkier items. It’s about 42x37x8cm, and is used for our larger kits. 

We still have a limited amount of our original ‘Stitch Please’ (large bag) and ‘Unwind’ (small bag) designs left to purchase too but once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Any suggestions of witty or hilarious or clever knitting puns for future bags – we want to hear them!

Buy your bags here

I’m going to leave it there as I’m heading back into the studio for the night shift, so I hope you love the bags as much as we do – and if you’re wondering how we’re getting on with orders then do read this blog: What You Can Expect From Us, which we’re keeping updated as much as we can, for as long as we can!

Take care, and stay safe,

Lauren x

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