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New Pompom Kits

Lauren Aston
5 September 2018

Well Hello!

I’m so excited about today’s post because it’s something we’ve been working on for a while. I wanted to get these kits out months ago as a fun summer project but somehow here we are in September (the month before our Christmas range is launched!!) and they’re still not out…So I’m just going with it.

Meet the new guys

Today’s post is an introduction to the brand-new pompom kits. They are beautifully packaged, pockets of joy that you can use in so many ways and make them your own. Available in three colour ways – fabulous ‘Brights’, dreamy ‘Blooms’ and moody ‘Ombres’ – you get a selection of 5 colours in each kit determined by which set you choose, and you can either mix them together to make multicoloured pompoms or stick to your five solid shades…or a bit of both.

(below we’ve used the Bloom kit and done a selection of solid and mixed pompoms to make decorations…)

As well as the yarn, pompom maker and instructions, the kit also includes a tapestry needle so you can turn them into a garland or sew them onto your other knit kit projects. With one kit you can make up to 13 pompoms (each around 4.5cm) and with this many pompoms the opportunities are endless!

My favourite thing?

My favourite thing about these little kits is how easy and fun they make it to get creative! You can create something colourful and fun in one evening sat in front of the TV and the only limit to what you do with them is your imagination. I love to check out Pinterest for inspiration…

I’ve created a lovely pinterest board full of pompom inspiration but the widget doesn’t want to work so click the button below to have a gander!


Endless Opportunities

One of the most exciting things about them is all the possible uses for them, I’ve only made and photographed a few ideas but there’s SO much more you could do with them…

Some super simple ideas:

  • String them together to make a garland
  • Add a lobster catch to create a keyring
  • Get some googly eyes to make them with kids
  • Glue them to a headband (for children or grown ups!)
  • Leave the thread long and tie the ends together then hang them on twigs or dot them around the house as decorations
  • Tie them altogether to make a big decoration
  • Hang them from a twig to make a wall hanging or mobile.
  • Add them to a string of fairy lights to make them a fun feature

Enhance old projects:

There are so many things you could stitch/tie them to to give old projects or purchases a new lease of life –

  • Sew them in a row on a strawbag
  • Hang them as decoration from a handbag or purse
  • Add them to clips to attach to your shoes!
  • Glue them to the strap of a bag
  • Add them to the corners or edges of cushions or blankets
  • Update a scarf with texture and cloud by adding them to the ends
  • Tie them onto gloves & hats

Don’t just use them on their own: 

Mix them up with other textures and colours to create a visual feast!

  • Create an amazing garland adding autumn leaves, paper cut outs, fairy lights or tassels
  • Add paper cones to make them look like ice creams
  • Put them on the end of twigs like a flower
  • Use them with balloons as party decorations to add colour and texture
  • Add tassels to make them super tactile
  • …Look around you and see what you could mix them with.


Great Gift

If I was going to give someone ‘crafty’ a gift right now I would personally opt for both a scarf kit and a pompom kit. With this they can knit a scarf then add pompoms to the ends, plus make a matching keyring, adorn their shoes/bags etc with pompoms and then make a little hanging decoration for a door-handle or curtain pole…It’s a gift that would just keep on giving!

k, enough from me, bye

I really really hope you like the and find them as fun as I do. I know from experience with the offcuts that so many of you are INSANELY creative so I absolutely cannot wait to see what you do with these.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

L x

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