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Shameless Market Research

Lauren Aston
15 May 2019

Hello Hello

Well, last weeks blog was received amazingly well – thank you so much! Of course there is a tinge of sadness about how well it went down because it’s due to the fact it resonated with a lot of small business owners and since the topic was ‘Copy Cats’ that’s not so great, but thank you a million times over for sharing and interacting with it. The more we educate people (I say that in the least patronising way possible!) the easier it will be for them to understand.

Who are u hun?

What with last weeks blog ringing in our ears it’s made me wonder more about you, my blog audience. I really want to create content that gives you some value, I love to waffle on about anything but mainly want to write something that helps you or brings you joy, therefore I wondered if I could take this time to do some shameless market research to learn more about YOU. That way I can tailor the blog to suit you and hopefully cut out some of the bits you don’t need and increase the stuff you enjoy.

 Here’s a total random image I took last week because I have no idea how to illustrate this blog so….*shrugs* It’s titled “Donut Mess With Harry”

Here’s a total random image I took last week because I have no idea how to illustrate this blog so….*shrugs* It’s titled “Donut Mess With Harry”

2 minutes of your time…

If you have 2 minutes I’d be super grateful if you could tick a few boxes below to help me:

Optional – You’re welcome to go incognito!


About you…

Please tick any boxes that apply to you…



What content would you enjoy on the LAD blog…
(Please tick any and all that apply)



Please let me know below if there are any topics, literally anything, you want me to cover… or if there’s past blogs you’ve enjoyed and want more of etc

anything you do/don’t want to wade through on the blog…


Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for your help pals, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and learning what you are/aren’t into so I can spend time working on posts you’ll like…. and sack off the rest. 😉

Have the best Week

Speak to you soon m’darlings!

Take Care,

L x

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