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11 Christmas Gifts for knitters

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a knitter or just here to treat yourself, I’m bringing you the essentials for any knitter. The things you can never have too many of and the ones that make knitting so much more fun.

Christmas gifts you can’t go wrong with because every knitter loves them! And the great news (which you’ll know if you’ve ever ordered from us), basically everything comes gift ready and gorgeous…

Ladvent23 2

LADvent 2023

The Ultimate gift for any knitter - ideally before December 1st but honestly even if you're late to the party this calendar is such great value - packed full of yarn, patterns and joy, it's set to put a smile on any knitters face.


One Stitch at a time Sweatshirt

We have so many cosy threads from our collaboration with Rock on Ruby. Our 'One Stitch at a Time' sweatshirt is a real hit, wrap up warm and knit away!


You Can Banner

As well as being available as a ready made product our 'You Can' banner comes as a knitting kit with everything you need to make it. A lovely fun project for a confident knitter, tell them you have faith in them with this knit kit.

New pins 1

Doer-uppers & Pins

Our original Doer-uppers are SO POPULAR as they are the perfect alternative to buttons (making the knitting faster and still enabling you to do up your cardi.) We've recently added more designs of doer-uppers and pins to the range and they all make lovely stockings fillers!



One thing I can tell you for certain is that knitters love YARN. We don't care how much of it, as long as it's beautiful. The good news is that this means you can work to your budget. If you're looking for a stocking filler... a ball of Mini Mohair in their favourite colour or a blow out bundle of all the yarn in every colour - as long as it's more than a 'swatch', I promise we'll find something to do with it.



If your knitter is anything like me, then there will be a requirement for a good cup of tea/coffee (and a biscuit if you please) whilst we're working our way through a pattern... May I introduce to you, our Mugs.

christmas jigsaw 3

Yarn Jigsaw Puzzles

We've got a year round yarny Jigsaw puzzle AND a festive one to whip out every December, the perfect mindful activity for knitters and non-knitters alike and a lovely one to do as a family.


Row Counter

Now, I know it doesn't look like much but I promise a row counter is GOLD. For complicated patterns it can be so hard to remember where you are so a row counter helps this for you. I'm also going to assume that your knitter, like most of us, has multiple projects on the go. So even if they already have one, a second will be useful for one of the many other knits they're working through.


Chunky knit snood kit

A gorgeous Christmas gift for a knitter - this chunky knit snood Knitting Kit is an easy project that can be made in a matter of hours and worn on boxing day. As long as you know what colour they'd like (don't forget you can always go bold with accessories as that's what they're there for) you really can't lose.


Stitch Markers

These mark certain areas in your knitting, you can 'make' these yourself with scraps of yarn and so often knitters don't bother to buy them themselves but having nice ones will truly make all the difference and they're an ideal stocking filler that will always be used.


Jumbo Knit Santa Hat Kit

A super fun gift - While you can grab our Jumbo Santa Hat's ready made, many knitters haven't actually tried Jumbo knitting on really big needles, so it's a new experience altogether (that uses all the same skills.)

Our Jumbo Knit Santa Hats are gorgeous heirloom knits and you can get a knitting kit with everything you need for your knitter to whip one up themselves. A thoughtful Christmas present and a fun experience.

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