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10 reasons to visit our shop!

Lauren Aston
20 June 2023

Hello friends,

So, our shop is officially opening July 1st and we are BUZZING! 

The LADs are already working from there getting it organised and sending out online orders since we moved out of our beloved Topsham train station studio on Friday last week *sob!* but we’re excited for the next chapter and can’t wait to welcome you into our new colourful home. 

This week I thought I’d come at you with 10 reasons to visit us! (hopefully you don’t need an excuse but I’m always happy to give you one!!) 

1. It's Party Time!

If you’re able to visit us for our grand opening on July 1st we would LOOOOVE to welcome you in with a glass of fizz (or something non-alcoholic should you not fancy booze at 10am!)

There will be decorations and celebrations, snacks and brownies, me in the corner very overwhelmed and slightly panicked… and not to mention all the yarn, community and velvet seating! 

If that doesn’t entice you I don’t know what will… ;p Here’s the invite with all the details, I really hope you can join us…

The other 6 reasons to visit apply all year round, not just for our opening day so if you can’t make that but are thinking about visiting us another time, here are 6 reasons I vote that you should….

2. Look at those colours!

One of the things I am most delighted about from us having a brick and mortar shop is that customers can come in and see the colours in real life. 

I know it can be so hard to choose your colours online and while we try our best to show you what they look like in images, nothing compares to seeing them for real. 

You can check them out against your skin tone and match them up to create combinations you love. I think it’s going to make such a huge difference to your customer experience!

3. You CAN sit (and knit) with us!

We always knew that we wanted the shop to feel like a cosy, communal space so we made it a priority to create a seating area where you can come and join us to knit. 

You’re invited any time to bring projects with you (they don’t have to be LAD ones) or you can make a purchase in the shop and then get started right away!

We’ll have a coffee machine you can use and comfy seats you can relax in, come alone or with a pal and sit, surrounded by all our yarn and the LADs… Hopefully a little spot for you to recharge and enjoy your time with us. 

4. Grab some limited yarn!

We had some big discussions about what to do with our Limited Edition yarn – traditionally on the website these are only available to our Subscribers and LADvent customers as a special perk and while we will be keeping that the case online… in store we decided that a) it’s too complicated to be hiding yarn from customers haha and b) customers who visit should have that perk too! 

As a result, we’ve decided to have all our yarn; limited and stock, available to customers who visit the shop. 

We won’t guarantee stock of any limited colours and we will ALWAYS reserve some for our online customers and subscribers first so it’s going to be an as-and-when situation and a get-it-before-it’s-gone vibe. 

5. Try before you buy

Another absolute bonus of customers being able to pop in and see us… Sometimes it’s really hard to tell which designs will suit us best, how long to knit a jumper or if we should go for a bobble or beanie hat… what will suit us?! 

Well, the great news is that we’ll have HEAPS of samples in the shop. Come along and try them on, see what shapes you like and which designs work for you before you commit to making them. 

6. go on, Have a squish

While it may not seem like a huge pro to you… we’re so excited for you to be able to come in and touch everything! haha our Super Chunky Yarn is so lovely and soft and it’s really hard to show something so tactile in photos (although no one can dispute – Chloe does an AMAZING job!) 

Come and see how the mini mohair feels on your skin, feel the weight of our lovely recycled cotton and don’t ever stop stroking our Merino and Big Little Yarn…. Dive in pals! 

7. End of line & exclus-

As an absolute sucker for a sale it’s a no-brainer that we will have some sale specials in the shop. Often it feels like a huge effort for us to list individual items online for a sale (especially when it’ll cost us more in take than we’ll make on the product) so you can expect some bargains in our shop!

Any samples we’ve tried (yarn and clothing) any end of line products and colours that we’ve decided to sell through, anything I got overexcited and ordered at 2am on a Saturday night thinking it would be a best selling product… and then realised I didn’t actually have a plan for. All sorts of knitty bargains will be ready and waiting for you! (FYI we won’t have the sale items out at the grand opening as we’re anticipating it being quite busy 🤞🏼)

9. Get inspired

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or you’ve never picked up needles before we’re sure you’ll find something joyful in our shop. 

There will be inspiration all around. We’ll display our new launches, show you colour combos you might not have considered before and pack it full of colour and knitting patterns. 

If you’re looking for a knitting boost, come to us bebe, we’ll sort it <3 

9. Make a day (or week) of it

Honestly Exeter is such a gorgeous city to visit. If you’re local I’m sure you need no excuse to pop into town. We’re right by the quay where there are so many delicious restaurants and bars, cafes and shops.

Up the road you’ll find gorgeous creative shops like Bunyip Crafts & Along Avec Anna. 

If you’re travelling from further a field you can drop in to us on your way past (we’re not far off the M5.) Exeter is a brilliant weekend getaway and Devon on the whole is a staycation you need in your life. 

We’re more than happy for you to use us as an excuse to visit our city.

10. Meet the LADs!

Last but not least – US! 😜

We absolutely cannot wait to meet you/see you again! We love nothing more than having a chat about knitting (and everything else) so we are thrilled we get more face time with you beautiful people!

We will be setting up events to help with knitting queries and teach customers to knit (super nervous but also can’t wait!) and we’ll be on hand and around day to day to help you with product selection and colour combos. We can advise on needle size and chat about balls (she went there!)

If you’re new to knitting or not even a knitter we can help get you started and we do have other topics of conversation so you don’t HAVE to knit to visit, you’re very welcome to just come and look around and chill out. 


Was that enough of an excuse to take a trip? haha I certainly hope so! 

Fingers and toes crossed you can make it on July 1st and beyond. We are so looking forward to welcoming you through the doors.

Now I MUST run as I’m still building the display furniture (with help from my dad) and there’s not loads of time left is there?! (That’s another reason to visit – come check out my handiwork!)

Take care angels, 

Lauren x

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