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16 Product Launches Later

Lauren Aston
25 November 2020

Hello You Babes

How are you? I hope you’re keeping well, 

I’m going to dive straight in this week as we’re so busy we don’t have a moment to spare! 

You may have noticed that we’ve been launching new products every single week since August, we planned to do this until December and were magnificently on track HOWEVER… due to the incredible volume of orders we’ve received in the last few weeks we are really struggling to keep up (more on that below!) 

We didn’t think it was fair to keep launching new products whilst our customers are waiting for existing orders so we decided to call it a day on the launches and save them for next year instead. (how very organised!?) 

Side note about orders

👉🏼 As a bit of a side note: I want to reassure you that we’re working hard to keep the website and customers as up to date as possible (it’s a bit tricky becasue stock levels are changing daily) and at the moment everything is still well on track for delivery before Christmas however we are taking 1-2 weeks to get orders out. 

It’s down to a mix of things so it’s really hard to keep track of and give general updates but in case it helps these are the main factors:

Order volumes: We’ve turned over more in October and November than the whole of last year. This is unbelievable and we are so grateful for your support and hopefully explains a bit why we’re struggling to keep up.

There’s a Pandemic: I know that sounds obvious when I say it but I think with Christmas as well it’s easy to forget that businesses have to take a lot of precautions to keep staff safe and this does inevitably slow us down.

Suppliers are Slower: Of course it’s not just us that are experiencing higher order volumes and slowing down for safety, this is affecting our suppliers too and therefore we’re waiting on needles and yarn and general stock to be delivered, everyone is doing their best and as soon as stock is coming in we’re sending it out as quickly as we can.

(I don’t really want to go there BUT also, I am now rather heavily pregnant. In previous years I would have worked through the night to try and help us keep up but this year I physically cannot do that. I obviously don’t want to push myself too far and even if I did, my body literally won’t let me 😂 by 8pm it’s like ‘NOPE’ and I can’t move anymore. Thankfully I have a magical team supporting me and as long as customers are happy to wait a week or so for orders, we’ll get there in the end. We’ll keep you as up to date as possible and do our best to get you knitting asap.)

OK, that was a massive side note, sorry!

Back to the Launches then...

We feel so proud of what we’ve achieved in the last few months, (let alone in 2020!) It was a huge team effort and I couldn’t have done it without all of Team LAD: Helen, Sally, Chloe and in recent weeks lovely Claire.

I touched on it on an instagram post at the weekend but basically the launches were a result of my control issues upon finding out I was pregnant 😂🙈  – there was so much I couldn’t control but I tell you what… let’s launch a new product every single week for months cuz I can control the HELL out of that! We didn’t really have a plan, just a list of ideas. We were still in lockdown so working on Skype when I told Helen and Chloe and they both just smiled and nodded and jumped on board with just a hint of ‘really?!’ flashing in their eyes!

Between us: I wrote the patterns, Helen and I test knit them, then sent the finished products to Chloe to photograph, we then did all the graphics and admin bits, Chloe did the artwork, Helen did the product listings across all the platforms that we sell on, plus the email for Saturday mornings and I checked and edited anything, ordered the printing, updated the to do lists… and finally over to Sally who worked tirelessly in the studio packing all the orders. PHEW! What a bloody team! 

So whilst a small part of me feels sad we can’t tick them all off the list, 98% of me is just elated that we managed so much this year, in the last few months alone! Plus, I absolutely know it’s the right thing to do to prioritise the orders we have and do justice to what we’ve already released. 

So shall we have a look at them?

That’s more than enough talk! Let’s go to the picture bit.

(you can click on any of them to take you to the listings :D) 

Head in the Clouds Sweater

Our first launch, I was very fond of this but you loved it even more than I expected! It been so popular! We love seeing the colour combo's you chose.

Mini Mohair

The massive mohair was super exciting so we wanted to introduce something completely different! The mini mohair is dreamy AF and opens up a new world of patterns.

Mini Mohair Scrunchie

Our first mini mohair pattern, we wanted something quick & easy and totally different to our super chunky kits. They are so effective and look glorious on wrist or in hair!

Seashore Scarf

A total beginner's pattern, we thought we'd try the mini mohair on slightly larger needles as the smaller needles can feel strange after being used to chunky knitting! It's been really popular and makes such a lush gift.

Mini Mohair Headband

I totally loved this! However it was one of our least popular launches which really surprised me. I love that there's two options for the width (I like the wide one for 'dinner out' - whatever that is - and the skinny one for day to day)

Made by us Mini Stockings

We thought we'd have loads of time for these but we ended up being inundated so it was a bit of a nightmare!! When we stitched on the letters, it turned out Helen loved the curly letters whereas I prefer the straight lines... Who knew?

Pompom Wreath

The reaction to this AMAZED me! We'd had this on the back burner for years, not really that excited by it but once i'd made the samples I was IN LOVE - and it turns out you were too. It was one of our most popular launches!

Ankle Grazer Cardigan

A version of our dreamy oversized cardigan but with different sizes and lengths - more of a steady staple than an explosive launch. I think this one will be a grower.

Squidgable Scarf

Again, another launch that surprised me because I thought iw wouldn't go down so well but in hindsight it's knit on 20mm needles so was always going to be a winner as it's so quick to knit up. I've loved seeing all the colour combinations you've chosen.

LADvent Calendar

We'd wanted to do a yarn advent for a while but couldn't make the numbers work with Super Chunky. So after the success of mini mohair, we were really excited and nervous about launching this, and were totally blown away by the response. We only did a limited number because of the cost risk, but they flew out in 27 hours!! THANK YOU!

Mini Wreath

I'm very fond of these as a year round wreath. We also wanted to get another ready made launch in that was a bit christmassy, but you don't necessarily need to take down after the festivities have ended! I actually think it's one of my favourites, they're so cute and really add tactility to a gallery wall.

Hot Water Bottle

This isn't necessarily one I was excited about but Helen thought it would be popular as knitted gifts. It's a pattern from my knitting book and it went down a treat. Turns out Helen was right (she likes to think she always is...!)


We'd been chatting to Holly from Rock On Ruby since Spring and we were so happy with the whole process. They are amazing and it's been such a gorgeous collaboration to work on. You seemed to love them too which is wonderful news - the wool boobs is by far the most popular which makes me love you even more!

Set of Christmas Trees

Another pattern from the book that we wanted to release for ages. They are super cute and I love the pictures that Chloe took. These are the perfect decoration for Christmas - and you've been knitting them in lots of lovely colours!

Rainbow Jumper

I designed this about two weeks before we launched it - because we obviously didn't have enough to do! It wasn't in our original plan but we snuck it in because I was so exited about it - originally it was going to be a Christmas jumper (I might still show you how) but I think year round works so well. It was a bit of a nightmare to figure out how to list it (with the colour options but we got there) and as ever Chloe's photos are incredible!

Striped Stocking

Another one from my knitting book, we wanted to offer another stocking design knit kit. This is a lovely quick pattern to knit up, perfect to keep or gift. I wasn't bothered when we launched it, but I just love seeing all the ones you make and the colours you're going for - you blew my mind with 3+ colours which hilariously hadn't occurred to me before.

Aside from all these launches, we launched 6 (I think 🤔 ) other products earlier in the year, we’ve also added more needles and tools to our collections, created pattern bundles and written, knit and photographed 5 more Mini Mohair patterns for the LADvent calendar (these will be available next year for non LADventeer’s. As well as all the sub boxes – it’s been a busy old year for LAD!

So, which launch was your fave? Any that you’ve not knit yet but you’re keen to? Do let me know as I love to hear which ones you prefer! And as always please tag me in any of your knits as it is always such a joy to see your creations.

Right – back to the packing – thank you loves!!

Lauren x

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