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11 Insane (But True) Things About Knitting

Last week I asked for topics for me to blog about and the results were so fun. The first one up is Knitting, so I typed it into the generator and this title appeared. Without further ado here it is, my first title generated challenge with 11 insane (but true) things about knitting. Hope you learn something fun and new, I sure did!

1. Knitting was originally a Male-Only Occupation

2. On average you burn 55 calories for every half an hour of knitting

3. Knitting helps you to relax and can therefore have a positive impact of your blood pressure, heart rate and generally help reduce illness

4. Professor Dumbledore was totally into knitting.

“Mind if I take this?…I do love knitting patterns”

— Proffessor Dumbledore, Harry potter and the half blood prince

5. When you tell people you have a degree in Knitwear 80% of the time they scoff, until you point out that they are wearing a knitting item of clothing to shut them up 😉

6. Miriam Tegels from the Netherlands is currently the worlds fastest knitter, knitting 118 stitches in one minute which is just short of 2 stitches per second! – that sure puts me to shame.

7. Celebrities known for their love of knitting include – Ryan Gosling, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Cameron Dias, Amanda Seyfried and Julia Roberts

8. There is a Guinness world record set for ‘Longest Scarf Knitted Whilst Running a Marathon’ held by David Babcock in the USA (of course) who took up running at the same time he learnt to knit and didn’t have time to do both separately. He ran the Kansas City Marathon in 5 hours 48mins 27 seconds and in that time knit a scarf 3.7m long.

9. There are over 1 million you tube videos about knitting.

10. According to the most popular day of the year to finish knitting projects is December 24th (cutting it a little fine aren’t we?!) and the least popular day, when apparently very few are knitting is May 24th… which just so happens to be yesterday!

11. In 2015 Chris the shaggiest Sheep ever was rescued by the RSPCA and was sheered for 45 minutes, removing over 40kg of wool! – That’s equivalent to 16 of my blankets!!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week,

L x

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