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5 Etsy Finds for the Home

Lauren Aston
8 July 2020

Hello Friends

I’m so sorry I abandoned you last week. I’ve made the decision to only do a blog once every 2 weeks going forward but I forgot to tell you! I’m trying to come up with some ideas that make them useful rather than just being a space for me to chat. As much as I enjoy randomly sharing my thoughts with you on a weekly basis it’s probably not the best use of time (mine or yours) so I’ll be working on things that add value both knitting wise and in general. I hope to introduce you to new brands, help with knitting techniques, share behind the scenes goss and explain anything I can and impart any knowledge I have…. (if there’s anything you want a blog about then always feel free to get in touch wont you!)

Today I thought I’d start easy and go in with some of my favourite etsy finds for the home from a lovely range of makers and small businesses. Since spending so much time at home since March I’ve now got a desire to redecorate every room (not sensible or healthy I KNOW) but I’ve been on Etsy a lot lately just having a mooch around and thought I’d share a few of my favourite ‘small change’ items with you (…Small changes seem a bit more reasonable before I tear out the bathroom and retile the kitchen for absolutely no reason!…why not try a nice candle instead Lauren?!)

FYI. Some of them include affiliate links which means that should you choose to purchase any of them based on my recommendation I’d make a small commission on the sale. (It’s basically another way for me to justify ‘shopping & sharing products is a great use of business time!’ with my accountant… so thanks for helping me out!)

Let’s dive in, I don’t think they need much introduction we have a beautiful set of Eco cleaning brushes that would look DREAMY next to my sink, the most stunning mug I’ve ever seen, a reminder to keep my house plants alive, some art to brighten up a room and who doesn’t love a fun candle?!….

So there you have it. Short and sweet this week then! I’ll be back in a few, I think with something knitty (we’ve got some cardigan plans in the making!) Take care Love Bugs (and do let me know if you want anything specific on the blog – I’d love to be useful! haha x

Lauren x

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