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5 Glorious Hair Accessories from Indie Brands in the UK

Lauren Aston
2 September 2020

Hello Pals

You might have seen that we’ve recently launched some new Mini Mohair yarn (i’ve you’ve been anywhere near the homepage you’ll have seen i’m overexcited about it) and with it we’ve created 3 new patterns and knit kits (yay!) We launched a Scruchie set, a Scarf and a Headband here’s a little peek just uncase….

Since two of our new patterns are fabulously fluffy hair accessories, and because I’ve had a lot of people ask if we’ll be selling them ready made (sadly we won’t because they take about 8+ hours to knit so you can imagine the labour costs alone) I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Independent UK businesses who sell marvellous hair accessories so, if you’re not a knitter (or even if you are – you can NEVER have too many scrunchies!) You can get your hands on some from a marvellous Small Biz…

I’ve just chosen a tiny selection of  products but all of the brands below have so many other wonderful products so please click through and see what they’ve got!

** and one more for good luck!… **

Happy Wednesday Pals, I hope you have a lovely week, speak soon!

Lauren x

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