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Super Chunky Knits Book

Lauren Aston
1 November 2017

Hello Friends!

So the book is in the building. I can’t quite believe it but it’s arrived 2 weeks early so i’ve sent all the preorders out today! It’s been a while since we spoke about it and it took so much blood, sweat and tears that I thought I’d revisit THE BOOK and really bang on about the fact that I wrote a proper knitting book and now you can actually go into a shop – or my ‘webshop’ and purchase it and knit ideas from my head…WHAT?!

What is this magical book?

I’m assuming you gathered but just in case (when I’ve mentioned I’ve got ‘a book’ out a few people have asked…)- It’s not an autobiography of the life and times of Lauren Aston (thankfully as it would be all tea, biscuits and ‘Then I spent an hour trying to get wool out the carpet’) No no, it’s a knitting book named Super Chunky Knits, it’s full of 35 ‘fun and fast’ knitting projects in biiiig wool with a mix of projects for you and your home.

“Working with these gorgeous bulky yarns is fun for knitters of all levels”

— Christine Boggis, Knitting Magazine

Let’s talk about this big wool

As you may know, I released 2 new yarns last month with the Christmas Collection. Which means I’m now selling 3 different sizes of yarn (all beautiful Merino wool as I love it so.) In size order, biggest to smallest we have Giant, Jumbo and Super Chunky. The Giant yarn you are familiar with I’m sure, as it’s what I use to knit the blankets – it’s worked on 40mm needles. The Jumbo is new, It’s the middle weight yarn, the one I make cushions and santa hats with using 25mm needles and finally, the Super Chunky is a new ‘smaller’ yarn that I used a lot in the Knitting book and is for 10-12mm needles. (I don’t yet stock these but there’s super easy to find online or in your local knitting shop)

In a nut shell

‘So what’s in it?!’ I hear you ask! Well It’s a homeware and accessories book with a couple of patterns for Children and Christmas. The goal of Super Chunky Knitting is to get fun and impactful results fast – It’s brilliant for quick gifts and beginners because you see it growing so quickly and the large stitches make it easy to see what’s going on. It’s also great for experienced knitters who want a bash at something a bit different!

There’s a real variety of patterns from beginners to expert and plenty you can do in an evening or weekend without having to dedicate months of your life to one item. (I’m not patient enough for that!)

The main needle sizes I used were 10mm, 12mm, 25mm and 40mm. As mentioned above I used a lot of my own yarn, focusing on neutral colours mixed with a splash of brights but also other brands you can find globally. Of course you’re welcome to switch up the colours and yarn as much as you like (as long as you keep to the same gauge the patterns will work fine) It also includes a number of pompom related projects as a way of using up off cuts of yarn so you can maximise your yarn supply. There’s no point letting it go to waste!

“If you’re looking to knit something to wear, use or admire…you’ll be sure to find something buried within the pages of this great book”

— Simply Knitting Magazine

So who’s it for?

Well basically the book makes a good gift for anyone who has the slightest interest in knitting – it’s great fun for experienced knitters to have a bash at the really big stuff (and who doesn’t want to knit a jumbo bean bag?!) and it also has all the knitting techniques and instructions in the back for beginners and less experienced knitters to learn from scratch!

You can also do what I do and buy a nice knitting book for yourself and then knit the projects in it as gifts, I can’t tell you how many last minute bobble hats i’ve whipped up as gifts… if my bobble hat recipients are reading this – I don’t mean YOUR bobble hat, yours was thought through and started months in advance!) But anyway, yes, a whole new gifting world with 35 speedy knits at your fingertips!

Whether it’s for you to get started or as a thoughtful and creative gift, I’ve created a couple of book bundles too which are ideal since they have everything you need to get started and range in price so you can find the one to suit your budget

Fancy it?

For more information or if you’d perhaps like to purchase it you can see the listing here and the rest of the DIY section including Bundles and Yarns here.

Knit up a storm

I hope you absolutely LOVE it, I’m so excited to hear your reaction and see what you choose to knit!! Please do share your images with me on social media. It will truly blow my mind!

Thanks Team,

L x

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