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Arm Knitting Tutorial

Lauren Aston
4 March 2020

Oh Hello Pals,

I hope you’re well and having a lovely week. thank you for your wonderful support about the new website and for all your orders over the weekend with the celebratory discount code (if you missed it, everyone signed up to our newsletter was sent a discount code on saturday so if you’re not signed up… I’d recommend signing up 🤷🏼‍♀️😂)

Arm Knitting

(it's about time)

This week I thought it was ABOUT BLOODY TIME I did an arm knitting tutorial for you so I finally filmed a video.

Arm knitting is so much fun and it’s super quick…. just make sure you’ve been to the toilet first and aren’t expecting anyone to knock on the door because it’s a bit inconvenient if you need to get up half way through! One of my favourite things about arm knitting is that you don’t need to have any knitting experience to do it. It’s not really anything like normal knitting so it doesn’t tend to be an advantage.

You can make so many things with arm knitting, from cosy scarfs to HUUUUGE blankets and plenty of cushions. Hopefully this tutorial will help. Feel free to pause, rewind and fast forward and you could always give it a go with some string fabric strips first just to see if you can get the hang of it! 

Let's dive in! ...

All you’ll need is: 

  • Giant Yarn (details below)
  • An empty bladder
  • Something good on TV

Giant Yarn

Working out how much yarn you’ll need is similar to the giant knitting but arm knitting is looser so it’ll probably make a slightly bigger blanket. As a guide: 

1kg: Scarf

2kg: Lap Blanket/ Single Bed blanket (bottom of the bed)

3kg: Double Bed Blanket (bottom of the bed)

4kg: King Sized Bed Blanket (bottom of the bed)/ Cover a Single Bed

5kg: Almost Cover a Double Bed

6kg: Almost Cover a King Sized Bed 

7kg: cosy af in any bed.

Giant Yarn

I hope that was helpful pals!!!

Any questions, just stick them in the comments below…

Take Care & Happy Knitting

Lauren x

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