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Free UK shipping over £60

Free Gift Anyone?

Lauren Aston
6 May 2020

Hello Pals

How are you? 

I’ve got some happy news today – I accidentally ordered one hundred balls of 100g Light Grey Super Chunky Yarn (don’t ask me how!) so we thought we’d try to brighten your day by giving them away with orders (yippee!) 

So with all orders over £60 you get free UK shipping AND a Free 100g ball of Light Grey LAD Super Chunky Merino Yarn (worth £10) while stock lasts. 

Even better – we’ve put some fancy code in the website (I say ‘we’…. I had nothing to do with it) so it will automatically add to your basket when you spend £60…you don’t even need to remember to add it or type in a code or anything! hashtag when technology works well amiright?!

Hey Lauren, What can I make with that?

Well babes, you can make so many things with 100g! Use it for pompoms, or make a snood!  

Here are a few patterns you could whip up with your free ball, you could make these in just one colour…..

If you have a 50g of another colour (maybe left over from another project or you could grab one from us) you could add colour pops or make some of these…

Is Light Grey nice though?

Light Grey is SOOO lovely! It’s a beautiful subtle grey with a blue tone to it. It looks amazing with Mustard, Bright Pink, Granite, Emerald, Mulberry, Ruby & Navy. Here are a few things we’ve made in it to show you….

Yeah Yeah, What Else Is New?

Since you ask!…. We’ve also added a ‘Special Delivery’ Option to the checkout for UK orders – This means that once we’ve dispatched orders they can be posted on ‘Special (Next Day) Delivery’  to ensure they arrive quickly.

This will not….I repeat WILL NOT bump your order up the queue for packing. We pack them in the order they come in, so at the moment we’re about 2-5 days for packing… and that wont change but Special Delivery will upgrade the delivery method we use once they’re out the door so UK orders should arrive the following day once you receive your ‘order complete’ email from us.

How. Exciting.

I think that's all for now!

I’m off to the studio for the ‘night shift’ since it’s a Bank Holiday on Friday so we’re trying to get as many of your lovely orders out as possible. Thank you as always for your support. Take care! 

Lauren x

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