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Hello Goodies!

Lauren Aston
13 February 2019

Hi Team

How are you? I’m afraid I still can’t share with you what I did last week (I’m sure I’ll be able to soon) but we did sneak a few bits of information out (and haven’t been told off yet!) I flew to Manchester to spend the day at the BBC with some creative folks including Nikki McWilliams and Meticulous Ink (both INCREDIBLE small businesses if you want to have a mooch?!) and we had an absolutely hilarious and bonkers day. Can’t wait to tell you more ASAP! But for today, as promised I wanted to share some of the magical people who’ve sent bits for our Subscription boxes!…


For clarity – {AD} all of these items have been gifted by awesome brands, not to me (well a few specifically for me so I’ll be clear which ones) but for our subscription customers. The quantities all differed depending on what each brand wanted to send as I left it entirely up to them so the contents of each subscription box was and will continue to be varied. I told the brands I would ask subscribers to share the things they liked and that I would try to do a blog post and post on social media when I could as I really want to help them spread the word about their business far and wide. Nothing shady and no strict agreements, just mutual love. I think that technically this makes this an Ad (although to be honest I’m not sure, so I’m just going to pop it here anyway haha)

What are you on about?

So, as you may know, we started doing Yarn Subscription boxes this month, there’s 2 options (a Seasonal Box -which leaves every 3 months and has 3-5 hanks of different coloured yarn in-keeping with the season and a Surprise Box – Which leaves every 2 months and has 2-5 hanks all in the same surprise, limited edition colour) We’ve sent Box One of each subscription out but as I was organising them it occurred to me that sometimes in a box like that you get some other treats or discounts from companies you might like, so I did a shout out on IG to see if any fellow small businesses wanted to pop anything in our Subscription boxes. I was (and still am) completely overwhelmed by the response and so wanted to share it with you.

Show me these subscriptions!

Gifts all round

I really hoped that this would work for everyone involved, for the subscribers it’s obviously wonderful to get some extra treats as well as the lovely limited yarn they signed up for and the array of products, discounts and flyers has been wonderful! But of course I also want it to work for the brilliant businesses who kindly donate things! I’ve asked my subscribers to share anything they receive that they particularly like and it’s been wonderful to hear from some of the other businesses about the orders they’ve received and audience they’ve reached since. Finally the third party in this deal is me! I’m certainly not going to pretend that it isn’t great for me, not only does it make it more exciting for me to pack the boxes but it’s obviously a massive bonus for my ‘sales pitch’.

Show us the treats!

Anyway, I’ll try to get a page up on the website ASAP (I’ll link it in this post once I have) for further information if you’re a business wanting to pop something in our subscription boxes. But for now, let’s have a look at these incredible treats!!

again for clarity – all of these items have been gifted by awesome brands for our subscription customers (and I was told I could keep a few so I’ll be clear which gifts were sent to me)

Credits and links below images

Picture 1:

-Scratch cards, ‘Bonjour’ postcards & Leopard Print prints by Cawligraphy (Ruthie is one of my faves, I purchased one of her Leopard prints for my office wall too :D)

-‘Your Face is Frickin Ace!” Card by Heather Alstead Design ltd

-Origami Dish by Folded Home

-Beautiful Knitted Socks by Katie Victoria

-’You’re a Star’ Card by Nancy & Betty

‘I smell old people! Oh wait that’s you!’ Card by Made by Shannon

Picture 2: Socks by Katie Victoria

Picture 3: Origami Dish by Folded Home

Picture 1: Scratch cards, ‘Bonjour’ postcards & leopard Print prints by Cawligraphy

Picture 2: Dog Card and ‘Partners in Wine’ card by Heather Alstead Design ltd – the dog card was a gift to me (Coz, Harry)

Picture 1: All prints by WagsTaff Designs – Felicity kindly said I could keep one so I took up her offer and I’m popping the top one (with the grid) on my gallery wall.

Picture 2:

-Bracelets by Flutter gb

-Delicious Chocolate Orange Brownies by – Little Bee Bakes

-Travel Journal by Ponderlily

-Magpie Cards by Martha and Hepsie

-Print by WagsTaff Designs

-Soap from Nest Interiors

-Mini hanks of yarn from Binty’s Farm

-Brave and Strong Postcard by Rock Paper Swan

-Champagne cut out cards by Nora Wright

-I’ve left my brain and notes at the studio and I’m pulling a TOTAL blank for the designers/artists of the gorgeous cow postcard at the bottom and the fabulous dachshund card at the top – if you know them/are them please tell me so I can credit correctly otherwise I’ll update them tomorrow as soon as I get back to the studio – so sorry!

Picture 3: Cards and illustration by Nora Wright (more info below)

Picture 1: Personalised illustration of Alex and I with Harry so kindly gifted to me by Nora Wright! Can’t wait to get it frames and up on my wall!- Thank you Nora!

Picture 2: Delicious smelling soap donated by a lovely local shop to me in Topsham – Nest Interiors

Picture 1:

-’Crazy Milk Lady’ card and rainbow stitched cards by Kitty Ricco – Milk Lady card was for me and I’m keeping it and framing it for my office wall (see my Highlighted Instagram Stories titled ‘Milk’ for further info!)

-New York Prints By Tom Laird Illustration

-’You’re Awesome’ Cards by Flat102

-Bathing Belle Print by Perks of Life

-Personalised Planning Stickers by Project Plan

-’Creativity Takes Courage’ bookmark by The Little Picture Company

Picture 2: Oversized Paperclip Pompoms by Pomp Pom



Wasn’t that EPIC?! If you ever need a beautiful gift for someone this blog just turned into a gold mine directory! Please do click the links and check out the websites of this talented and generous bunch. As well as these amazing products, they have so much more!

Thank you to everyone who’s sent items, vouchers, flyers for our sub boxes – If I’ve missed anyone out I’m so sorry (I’ve been keeping track as best I can but think some might have fallen through the net. I will be doing another post later in the year to show any further donations. I’m trying to photograph EVERYTHING but with a memory like a sieve and an office like a destruction zone it’s hard sometimes :p )

I’m going to leave you in peace now. Thank you again to everyone who’s a) bothered to read my blog b) donated to the subscription boxes and c) Signed up to the subscription boxes.

Adore you all! Night!

L x

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