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Hello New Hat!

Lauren Aston
15 January 2020

Hello Friends

Today I bring you some newness (prepare for lots of newness soon, as I mentioned last week, I have plenty of knit kits in the making, with 3 more IMMINENT!)….but this week I’m introducing a new hat kit (yay!) It was born from a hat I made as a Christmas Present but I liked it so much I wanted one for myself, and we all know I can’t make something for myself without letting you make it too! (for an only child, I’m pretty good at sharing…just don’t ever ask if you can have one of my crisps, I will not share!)

I’m diving straight in with the links in case you’d rather visit the listings:

One colour, or two?

Another decision that needs to be made is whether you want your hat to be one colour or two. Personally I’m a big fan of adding a hint of colour – whether it be in a stripe, a colour pop at the end or with a pompom – it all works for me! I think adding a dash of colour enables you to use a classic easy-to-wear main colour and then spice it up with a flash of a second colour.

It’s a way to make it your own and show off your fun personality without your entire hat being florescent (although that would be bloody magnificent, but we don’t all have the confidence to pull that off…)

Once you’ve decided on whether or not to have a second colour, if the answer is YES! then you need to figure out where to put it. How you think you’ll wear your hat might help to influence this decision…

How will you wear it?

If you think you’ll wear your hat ‘long’, without folding the rib over, then you could add a stripe of colour around the middle of the hat, but if you think you’ll wear it folded you might want to add the colour to the end or as a pompom as the stripe gets hidden once you fold it. One thing to bear in mind is that you might surprise yourself once it’s made. I REALLY thought I’d wear it long but once I put it on I realised it suited me better folded. (I think it’s because my heads so small, Helen has short hair and a normal sized head and it suits her better long)

Personally I think that a stripe and pompom in a second colour is the way forward for me. That way, If I want to wear it long I have the added bonus of the stripe but when it’s folded over the pompom still brings some colour to it.


Same pattern, four ways to wear

I know it sounds a bit complicated because of all the options but one of my favourite things about this kit is that you can decide how you want it to work for you. Here’s the same hat and 4 different ways to wear it:

Kit or pattern

As always, this new design is available as a knit kit or downloadable PDF pattern. The Kit’s are currently on preorder for about a week until the printing arrives (it’s due 21st Jan 2020) so we’ll send all orders out as soon as the printing arrives. The Patterns are already available to download so if you have some needles and a stash, you can have one by tomorrow.

If anyone would like a hat ready-made please let me know and I can look at pricing and get them listed 🙂

What's in the kit?

The Knit Kit will include everything you need to make this handsome hat:

  • Knitting pattern and instructions (includes colour options)
  • 100g Ball LAD Super Chunky Yarn – Main Colour
  • 20g Ball LAD Super Chunky Yarn – Second Colour (Optional)
  • 10mm x 40cm Circular knitting needles (Optional)
  • 7cm Pompom maker & Instructions (Optional)
  • Tapestry Needle & How To Knit Guide (Optional)
  • And it all comes gift ready in one of our Ethically sourced eco cotton LAD Bags.

If you want to download the pattern and get going immediately, all you’d need would be the yarn (100g), Knitting Needles (10mm x 40cm circular) and download, which I’ve linked below:

Stop talking

I think i’ve probably talked the life out of this poor hat so I’ll leave you with some more images in case you want more (and because I took them and can’t put them all on the listing so I’m damn well putting them somewhere) ENJOY….

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