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Introducing: Beginners Blanket Kit

Lauren Aston
10 June 2020

Hello Lovely LADs

How are you doing today? The last few weeks have been very full on, fingers crossed you’re feeling hopeful and full of action rather than overwhelmed, remember to take care of your mental health as you can’t pour from an empty jug. 

I thought today we would return to the new knit kit I promised so I can introduce you properly to the Beginners Blanket Kit *hooray!*

Talk to me about this blanket situation...

The Blanket Kit is for absolute brand new beginner knitters to learn how to knit with a really simple project that grows quickly. You can get the pattern alone if you have a stash and 15mm needles or grab the knit kit.

The Pattern

Slightly different to our usual patterns we wanted you to be able to knit any size blanket, so rather than breaking it down row by row we’ve come up with a super simple method for you to work it out. This also means that once you have the pattern, you can knit a runner, a lap blanket, a MASSIVE blanket, a plain blanket, a striped blanket…. the options are endless (as long as you only want blanket based options) 

The Yarn

We have a handy (and colourful) grid on the listing that helps you to work out how much yarn you’ll need for different sized blankets. The instructions also tell you how to add a second colour in – The kit has options for one or two colours but if you want to use more colours than that then I’d recommend using our Bundles to get as many colours are you like! As a guide, the striped blanket in our images used around 100g per stripe.

The Needles

We recommend using Circular knitting needles for the blanket but basically ignoring the fact that they are circular… You knit just like you would on straight needles, going back and forth every row but if you’re making a nice wide blanket, instead of having allllll that knitting bunched up on one needle (heavy and hard to manage) the knitting can sit on the cord that connects the two needles. So you knit just the same but the cord helps you ‘store’ the yarn easier.

Now here’s some more BEAUTIFUL images that Chloe took (isn’t she so clever?!)

What's in the box?

If you get a knit kit, it will include:

  1. The pattern (digital and/or hard copy)
  2. How To Knit Instructions
  3. LAD Super Chunky Yarn (amount and colour/s of your choice) 
  4. Optional: 15mm circular knitting needles  
  5. Optional: tapestry needle 

What do I need to know?

The only techniques you need to know/learn to make this blanket are Casting on, Knitting and Casting Off (you don’t even need to learn Purl stitch). There’s more info on the Knitting Knowledge page that can guide you through,

So that’s basically it! We’ve got a cosy new beginners blanket kit ready for winter (I say that, I’ve used mine every single night on the sofa already haha) I hope you like and enjoy it!

We’re still working on some other new bits that I can’t wait to share so, I’ll see you next week for more!

Take care pals,

Lauren x

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